Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Was My Latest Sole Society Order a #fail or #fabulous ?!

I blogged about when I placed my order - including the whole ordeal over the messed up billing; See Sole Society Clearance & What I Bought to read more about it. Well the shoes have arrived and it's time to see if it was all worth it ...

First off - and of course I forgot to take a picture of it - when the box arrived the tape was pulled / stretched and it looked as though someone had already opened it! As in I am totally surprised the shoe boxes didn't fall out during transit ! But putting that aside I was just excited they were finally here.

Keep in mind ALL 3 of these shoes are in the size: 8.5 - which is my normal size 

The first pair, which I wore out that evening they arrived, are a simple white wedge sandal. I was surprised to see that the heel had sparkle laced into the woven threads since I didn't see it like that on the website, but of course I am the queen of sparkle so I didn't mind it all that much.
 Looking at them from this view the toes look uncomfortably wedged in but I promise it looks worse than it is. In a perfect world these would be perfect fit maybe just a quarter size bigger. I wore these to AJ's school curriculum night and was totally fine. The pads of my feet ached by the end of the night ( we went out after) but that's nothing a set of Dr. Scholls could cure. 
 The second pair is more of a dressier sandal. When ordering these I pictured wearing them with a sundress or jeans in the cooler months.
 When I first pulled them out of the box they looked huge to me, especially compared to the last pair I had on. 
 But goes to show you looks can be deceiving they fit perfectly fine :-)
 I am not totally thrilled with the shade tone of the nude they chose for these sandals -- call me picky I know -- the shade is a bit washed out and kind of old ladyish to me but hey I will still be rockin them so don't get me wrong :-) They are after all pretty dang comfy and sparkly !
They have an ever so slight wedge heel to them. My hopes with this feature was to have a fancier pair of sandals on hand while also having them elongate my tree trunk legs.  

This last pair I was the most excited about - and the most let down by. Before I even took them out of the clear bag their were in I could see the blemish on the front ankle strap. 

Super cute, style wise with their traditional cork heels, these were sent in the correct size but were much narrower of a style than the first pair I tried on ^. 
While I was still able to shimmy my feeties into them, I was barely able to latch the strap :( quite snug.
Such a shame because I love how secure my feet felt in these. The straps all up the front of the shoe gave me confidence that they wouldn't slip out -between my foot and the shoe -causing my to sprain an ankle. 
Am I just being picky on the blemish ? 
These were clearance so they are non refundable but the CS rep offered to return these for me but only for store credit. At this point I am not sure I want to even be bothered with more store credit ? I don't know I am a wierdo about returning stuff I suppose. 

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this order ?

Would you consider ordering from Sole Society ?

Should I return the last pair, I tend to be over critical ...


  1. I think that if you are truly bothere by the blemish, get the credit and get something you won't think about when you wear.The shoes are super cute though! I think the sandals are only ok. The color is not quite right and they do look rather large.

  2. Seems to me if you are unhappy that I would get the store credit and then pick out something for everyday wear, like flipflops or sandals, something you won't worry so much about slippers for house use, etc. and then thank the company for their time and go on your way, I would not be hostile, perhaps if they saw what you got they might take measures to correct their shipping or order department. Have a wonderful day.

  3. I think you should return the faulty pair. Period.

  4. I love the first pair, the simple white wedge sandal. I think you should sleep on it and if you wake up wanting to return the blemished pair, then return it. I might consider ordering from Sole Society if they had something that I felt I absolutely could not live without.

  5. I would definitely send the last pair back & get a replacement pair. I loved each of the shoes & I would consider ordering from Sole Society.

  6. They're all really cute, I especially love the last pair! I think the whole situation with the billing mixup and the box showing up damaged would definitely turn me off to ordering again, though.

    1. Yea, I ended up processing the return for the defective 3rd pair and the 2nd pair I just couldn't get over the color :(