Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Legendary Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe

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This is my legendary Buffalo, or sometimes BBQ, Crispy Chicken Wrap

I love this concoction because I can alter the ingredients depending on my mood or more commonly off what I actually already have in the cupboard. 

What you will need : 
Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips -- Make sure to clip and save the Tyson Project A+ labels **
Your favorite Hot Sauce or BBQ Sauce (I will be using RedHot's Buffalo Wing Sauce)
Spinach or Romaine lettuce (I like Spinach- doesn't it have tons of healthiness in it ohhhh yea )
Large Tortilla Wrap ( My favorite brand is Freshtillas I get mine at Walmart)
Your favorite grated cheese - I like a white cheeses usually Monterrey or an Italian mix
Ranch Dressing 
optional : Diced Red Onion 

Lets get started on making the wrap ....
Pop your chicken into a toaster oven (ore regular oven I just like using the toaster oven since it doesn't heat up the whole kitchen) cook for about 10 minutes maybe a smidge more depending on how thick the strips are. I usually throw in some Tyson chicken nuggets for the kids too !
While the chicken is cooking lets get the tortilla ready. Start off by squeezing out a line of Ranch Dressing down the middle. Then sprinkle on some grated cheese. The ranch serves as a sort of glue keeping the grated cheese from falling out of your wrap everywhere. Then pile on some sexy spinach leafs. 
When the chicken is done pull it out and cut it into smaller strips 
Grab a container that has a lid and put your chicken  inside and drizzle on some Buffalo sauce, BBq or whatever you like put on the lid and shake it all up :-)
 --- You could totally do this with white/brown rice and teryaki sauce !!!
Now to fold and cut up the wrap
and you are all set to enjoy this delicious Crispy Chicken Wrap 

 PIN this to reference the recipe at a later time :-)

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  1. These look fantastic!! I am not a fan of buffalo sauce but I think BBQ will be great!

  2. Looks delicious, I think I might put more veggies in mine ans some pineapple, thanks for posting this recipe.

  3. That looks amazing AND easy! 2 things I look for in a recipe!

  4. this look so simple and they looks so good the kids can not wait for us to make them