Saturday, August 31, 2013

Frontera Wines - My New Best Friends

If you follow me on instagram than you may have seen me share my not so occasional glass of wine. OK fess up time - who else secretly loves making a simple pasta dish for dinner knowing they can then enjoy a glass of red wine with it... me :-) It is almost my excuse. Besides isn't it like a fact or something that one glass of red wine a night is good for the heart ? And if not then I totally just made that claim  *wink, wink*
I bet you can picture my excitement when I say I was chosen for the Bzzagent Frontera campaign. woop woop. Now Bzzagent campaigns usually consist of you (the Bzz'er) being sent a product for free or at least a coupon to obtain the product for free at your local store. In this case since alcohol is involved they were only able to send out reviewers an exclusive rebate form. Some people complained about it not being free, but I saw it as an opportunity to try something new with a product I already consume ( meaning I enjoy wine in general ) at a discounted 'end' price. Besides the wine only costs $5 a bottle !

OK stay with me here, I know $5 wine ?? I can hear you already saying, 'Puuuulease Michelle it is going to taste like old bitter socks', I know, I know. Believe me when I say I have drank my share of $5 wines; and most do fall in the category of 'you get what you pay for'.

However, this wine is fantastical ! and that's says a lot being that I am a bit picky when it comes to my fancy grape juice!

Before I get into the specific wines I tried, lets first start with the a little background about Frontera Wines. Frontera prides themselves on producing affordable, high-quality wines. According to their website Frontera Wines are born in Chile’s beautiful Central Valley, a winemaking paradise where the vineyards are protected by four natural frontiers:

South: the awesome glaciers.
North: the arid Atacama Desert.
East: the majestic Andes Mountain range.
West: the immense Pacific Ocean.

Doesn't it just sound so magical and fancy ?

Now what about the wines themselves ?

My local Fry's market had two Frontera Wines - Moscato and Pinot Noir, 2 for $10 .
Being my normal curious self I chose one of each.

Pinot Noir - I had a feeling of the two this one would be my favorite, and it didn't disappoint. Not dry or bitter this smooth red ruby Pinot Noir has a fruity aroma with notes of ripe cherries and vanilla. I didn't find it to be terribly sweet though which I liked and it paired well with an Italian dinner or alone while watching the latest episode of Big Brother 15.
Moscato - This chilled, non-carbonated white wine is super light and quite sweet. With notes of fresh fruits, flowers and hints of honey this Moscato is fresh, sweet, slightly acid and with good persistence. I also feel that this Moscato is Perfect for dessert time or those who are not normally wine drinking fans. The Frontera site also recommends this wine for use in various cocktails, dude, I may have to try that !
Since purchasing and devouring my first 2 bottles of Frontera wine for this campaign I have re-purchased one of each flavor as well as several more bottles of Pinot Noir. Basically every time I go to Fry's I pick up a bottle of Frontera Pinot Noir - hey don't judge me -  it is really that good, plus it's super affordable !!

Let me know if you have seen Frontera wines in your local market or have tried them before 
This has nothing to do with Frontera but how awesome is this cork decor thingy ?? I totally need one in my life !


  1. I'm not a frequent wine drinker, nor am I any type of expert, but I should definitely find the Frontera wines somewhere because your post has me convinced that I'd enjoy the Pinot Noir! Mostly due to the affordable price, but I like that they're from Chile, which I know is one of the top wine-producing countries. It gives the brand more authenticity. I'll have to track these down! Thanks for your review!

  2. Oh Dearheart, Michelle - had I known you were still in the dark and unaware of this incredible wine find - I would have clued you in a long time ago. YEARS AGO (yes, I know all those wasted years ago) I discovered this wonderful vineyard when we were having a casual dinner party for about 10 - 12 people and I wanted to buy a couple of 1.5 liter bottles of wine for the gathering and our local liquor store did not have the brand I wanted to buy and I was really thrown because (as I'm sure you know!) most wines in this price range are pretty mediocre to downright awful. And I really didn't want to splurge and move into a much higher price range...

    That's when our friendly local vendor assured me that he had an even better wine that actually cost less than my original choice (an inexpensive French wine.) I was skeptical - but didn't know what else to do (at that time I really knew very little about Chilean wines - and what a good value they can be!) Well, the wine was a hit with our friends and we've been sold ever since..

    At that time the Pinot Noir and the Moscato were not available (at least not here) so we went with their Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc (my Honey/Hubby doesn't like Chardonnay - says it tastes like an oak tree! But these days our fav is the Pinot Noir and sometimes the Cab-Merlot blend and I also like both the Moscato AND the Chardonnay (I guess I do like a little oak in my wine!)

    Anyway, had I known you and Frontera had never met - I most certainly would have introduced you earlier. But glad you found it on your own - and better late than never!

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger