Saturday, August 3, 2013

Favorite Natural Looking Face 'Highlighter' - Beauty Without Cruelty

Just a few sort months ago I was not a fan of face highlighter. My skin is naturally oily so adding some sort of shine or shimmer to my face honestly sounded ridiculous. Then I was sent this gorgeous blush to review and now totally understand the use and need for highlighter. 

Just as bronzer contours your face by hollowing out your cheeks or slimming down your nose; a highlighters purpose is to brighten, illuminate and refresh your appearance. Otherwise your makeup can come off too matte and look un-natural. Using just a the little highlighter on the tops of the cheek bones will give your face that finishing youthful touch.
My favorite product is actually labeled as a Mineral Pressed Blusher but even on my pale skin did not give me any sort of crazy pink pigmentation, but in fact a lovely light glow. Beauty Without Cruelty products are just that - natural, vegan and fragrance free. This blush I have here in Sweet Apricot is just the perfect amount of luminescence - not shine or shimmer or glittery just a light hint of brightness. 

What is your favorite face highlighter ? 

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  1. I 've heard of BWC before, but never actually seen the products or a review. You make me interested!