Monday, August 26, 2013

Fantasy Football Draft Party Success

I seriously could not have done it with out your guys support on Facebook and Twitter yesterday !! If you missed it basically Saturday night I was literally in bed half asleep and Mike (hubby) says "Oh btw about 6-7 of my managers including my store manager is coming over tomorrow night, sooo you have a lot of work to do". Well, awesome - NOT. 
So after doing some cleaning around the house -- luckily and thankfully a few days before Sophia and I had done already full Hazmat style clean up. Anyways, I took both kids out on my errands since Mike was at work. We went to JoAnn Fabrics to score some football themed decor and platters that were 60% off then scurried over to crazyyyyyy busy Costco. Now this was only my second time ever being in Costco and the kids were complaining they were hungry and Costco has a food court, perfect. We wait on line order, I hand him my debit card only to find out they only take cash, insert AJ's major melt down crying-no sobbing end of the world performance. I managed to hug the tears away and quickly made my way over to the food section of the store remembering that last time we were there they had a bunch of those sample booth carts ?! And there were, thank goodness. There was even a Eggo waffle cart which I think I snuck by like 3 times since they are AJ's favorites and by then he was behaving so nicely. I did ended up giving in to one of the vendors and purchased these 2/$7 green chili tubs. DUDE let me tell you they are pretty dang good !! I picked out the Vegetarian one which was mildly spicy and the HOT pork one since you got to pick two. I didn't even set very much of these out at the party becasue I didn't want to share :-) ...Fast forward we checked out with a slab of cream cheese to last us a year, chili, tortilla chip bag as tall as AJ and my favorite luxury bread/pound cake breakfast dessert thingys - more on them later. We hit up Fry's on the way home to pick up odds and ends like a back up $2 Pyrex glass pie pan for dips, Jarlsberg cheese and this fabulous balloon chosen my Mr. AJ, after all Vikings are daddy's favorite team Mom and it is not a party unless there is balloons- he is so cute. 
 Back home I got to work preparing the snacks inspired by you guys.

First were the piggies in a blanket (figured the kids could eat these as dinner and whatever was left over will go on the party try, needless to say not very many made it to the tray) The dough around the mini hot dogs is a sheet of dough by Pillsbury, it is different than the pizza crust in that it tastes a bit more buttery after baking. the kids LOVED these. 

Mini pizza pockets -- They are stuffed with fresh mozzarella and pizza sauce. I forgot to cut up the pepperoni so we will have to try making these again. --- The dough is a sheet of Pillsbury pre made canned thin crust pizza dough sheets. 

Mexican dip - this is something my mother in law started making years ago and I stole it from her :-) it is sooooooo addictively delicious. -- Cream cheese, a can of beanless HOT chili, favorite salsa and topped of with an array of fantastical grated cheeses. 

Spinach Artichoke Dip - This is my favorite to make and eat -- I totally came down after everyone left and had a plate of this with tortillas :-) -- Let me know if you guys are interested in my recipe,  don't think it is anything to crazy original or anything but several of our buddies request this dip whenever we have a get together. 

Food Should Taste Good - MultiGrain Tortillas - crunchy and not super duper salty I am in love with these tortillas !!! They have flax, sunflower and sesame seeds in them; who knew ?!
Jarlsberg Cheese Dip and Balsamic Vinegar with Ciabatta Bread - Something I didn't have to put any effort into preparing is this concoction loved by Mike. This is one of those once in a blue moon specials I will buy for him ( since the cheese blend is like $7 a tub ) which I get from our local Fry's supermarket. He likes to have a dry bread dipped in Balsamic Vinegar and topped with the goopie cheese mix. I am personally not a fan of it but the kids and Mike loveeeee it ! 
Top left is the Jarlsberg cheese, bread and
vinegar dip and the others show the Spinach
Artichoke dip and Mexican dip 

I was just finishing up on setting up the Jarlsberg cheese tray when the guys started to arrive. Some brought beer -- which we had already stocked the fridge with a bunch and now have an over flow of brew LOL and some of the guys brought cheese platters, cheese puffs, and these sandwich wrap things set up on a tray like sushi, super cute ! WE seriously had enough food and beer for an army !  

Speaking of army, 5 minutes into the guys arriving my living room look like a headquarters for battle. Talking strategy and referencing their lap tops, tablets and phones seeing who got to pick first, second, third; who was already planning to trade who, who was going to get there butts whooped, it was hilarious just sitting back listening to them all talk smack. 

I eventually had to take the kids upstairs for showers and bed since AJ had school the next morning, poor little guy was happy about this. But I finally told him he could snuggle with me after he showered and we would watch Big Brother 15 with me - OH yea AJ is totally into the show as much as I am ! For the record even weeks ago he has pegged 'the pizza man' McCrae as the winner. 

Everyone left a little after 10pm and I came down to clean up the wreckage, which really wasn't that bad at all. I can't believe we were able to pull off such a fun get together, and actually this was our first party here at the new house *high five me* I can not wait for the holidays to come and I can get even more creative with my party treats .

What are your all time favorite party foods ? Holiday dishes ? 

OH and did I mention the badass scar I am going to have ?? Stupid oven racks 

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