Friday, August 30, 2013

{Bloggers} How To: Start Making Money With Your Blog

How To: Start Making Money With Your Blog -- Sparkle Me Pink
So you have started posting on your blog and are loving it !  First of all way to go ! Woo hoo ! I am proud of you and your gusto. For putting yourself out there for the world to read about and be able to absorb your awesomeness. But lets face it, sometimes blogging isn't cheap. Yes I currently blog on a free platform (Blogger) but I do pay for and own my Domain ( See my post over here it's all about domains - Being A Newbie Blogger - All Your Domain / Hosting Questions Answered ). Also what about the time and effort you put into finding the deals you post about or the new shops you write about. Earning income through a blog - at least for me and hopefully most of you - is just and added bonus. The icing on top. I often use all, or if there actually is any,  money I have made from my blog back into my blog. By purchasing new items to review that I know my readers are yearning to hear about. Or purchasing products for my next big giveaway. Earning an income with your blog not only gives you the sense of accomplishment but  may also establish your blog as more of a business; one that companies may be more willing to work with too! Again I can not stress this enough, if you are here to start a page with only the intentions of posting ads, paid/sponsored posts or anything of the sort just click away. Now for the rest of you who are looking to expand their honest blog I am going to share some of my favorite affiliations as well as some links to where you may sign up for these opportunities. Some of these links may be referrals, some are just regular old links. I just wanted to be up front about that so no one feels weirded out if you click a link and it says Michelle or Sparkle Me Pink has invited you to join ... yadda yadda yadda. 

As always if you have anything to add, questions comments concerns feel free to email me privately at or comment in the section below- maybe someone else is wondering the same thing :-) 

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OK now that all of that is out of the way lets get started...

You first need to join some affiliate networking sites - of course free - these sites connect to with various brands that you can then apply to represent / talk about on your blog. Normally you make some sort of % in commission if there is a sale through someone clicking your link or banner. Below are some of the ones that I use/visit most often. So yes they are legit and I recommend them. 

*Another thing before you start signing up for a million different networks - I personally only belong to maybe 3 or 4 - is that most if not all have a $50 or $100 minimum cash out limit. Meaning you need to have earned a certain amount before they send you a check/direct deposit your earnings. Earnings often roll over each month, lets say you make $20 this month and $30 next month, on the third month you will be able to cash out. 

-- Make sure you read EVERYTHING before agreeing to anything -- 

The 3 networks I belong to and visit most often are ShareASaleLinkShare and Commission Junction

ShareASale - (adidas, zulily and Gymboree)
Here is a list of the ones I first applied to and were approved for :
--and actually most of the ones I mention here will email out about once a month with a bonus money making opportunity, love getting them !! 
Commission Junction - (Kmart, Ulta & Sketchers) 

LinkShare - (Payless Shoes, Avon & Tarte)

Oh and impact radius but they run things a little differently 

Not sure if those last two links are correct impact radius is a little weird !!
Earn money for tweeting pre-made tweets 
- I have cashed out with these guys before and its super easy

Earn money for hosting giveaways 
- I personally have not received any offers on this site BUT I also don't check in on it very often, I better get on it. 

This is a sponsored post site 
- I haven't gotten much off of it but I have read on some Facebook groups that some blogs do baller on this site so who knows 

US Bloggers Social Fabric® Request for New Membership  - Connects you with other amazing bloggers ( I was not approved to this network the first time I applied, I built up my blog and audience reapplied and was accepted, lovely group of bloggers) 

Tomoson - Connects you with brands for the purpose of  review / giveaway opportunities 

Some other helpful tips for success :
  1. Choose your reviews, companies, affiliates, and anything sponsored wisely. Choose ones you are comfortable with, familiar with and relate to. If you are a beauty blogger you don't want to be writing up posts on life insurance or hearing aids, ok?! 
  2. But at the same time think out side the box - Sometimes you can relate and spin things into your to[ic which in turn will broaden your target audience and possible increase your traffic 
  3. Make sure you have time to do the job - Don't be signing up for something that is due Friday if you know you won't be able to sit down and write a quality piece and post it in time. 
  4. Make sure you are disclosing properly !! I try my best to stay up to date on this topic with my blog and that is all I can ask of you as well.
  5. Don't forget to have fun !! This is fun !!! You aren't here to make money to are here to earn it by doing something you already were doing and enjoying !! 
  6. Don't quit your day job - No literally don't, unless you have a free spirit and a healthy savings account and can afford making only around maybe $200 a month, yea this is not going to provide your livelihood my friend - again blogging income is an added bonus 


  1. What a fantastic resource! Thanks so much from a soon-to-be (hopefully!) blogger - I have book-marked this page!

    1. Awesome ! Come back and link your blog when it is up !!