Thursday, August 22, 2013

#ad Support Your Kids School Through Safeway's Back to School and Tyson’s Project A+ Program #ClipForSchool

This is the latest in my Back to School series and a part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®

With my first born going to school for the first time this year I've been trying to find ways to show my support in his new community. At curriculum night my sons teacher and advisers could not stress enough how even the smallest of contributions help out not only his class but the school as a whole.

One program I have been actively participating in is the Tyson Project A+ 
It's easy - All I do is purchase Tyson products that are specially marked with the 'Back to School' tags at my local Safeway supermarket. Actually most of the marked products I already purchase regularly for my family, think : Tyson Any'tizer's, my personal favorite Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips and even their new line of adorable Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches. The Project A + labels are on more than 40 Tyson products -  in both bags and boxes. See Photo for what label to look out for and over here for a list of all the participating products

What does the Tyson Project A+ do exactly ?
The mission of the program is to help schools earn extra money quickly and easily. The money raised through Tyson Project A+ may be used however the school chooses.
New books in the library - Funding that super fun field trip - New playground
The possibilities are endless 
How can I participate ?
First off any parent, student, faculty member, or other community member may participate.
Simply clip and save labels from Tyson® products featuring the Tyson Project A+ label.
The labels are then collected at a participating school by an administrator or designated parent who then submits them to Tyson Foods (100 labels minimum). Upon verification, Tyson Foods will then send a check directly to the school within 4 to 6 weeks.
Your school can easily be enrolled in the program online by a PTO/PTA member, parent volunteer or school administrator (I personally just registered my own sons school) See if your school is registered. 
Did you know that each label is worth 24 cents to your school? 
That is way higher than a lot of the other programs. Box Tops are only worth 10 cents each !!
So the more labels you collect, the more money your school can earn! 
100 labels = $24
500 labels = $120
1,000 labels = $240
5,000 labels = $1,200
10,000 labels = $2,400
50,000 labels = $12,000*
*The maximum amount of money a school can earn each calendar year is $12,000 (50,000 labels).
Safeway - 10% Goes Back to Schools 
That's right, 10% of the net purchase price (from participating items) are designated to support the school of your choice at the end of the program OR for customers with eScrip membership, donations will be automatic !! 
The Back to Schools program runs August 14th-September 10th
- Simply have your Safeway Savings Card scanned during check out when purchasing participating products to earn for your school of choice (eScrip supporters earn automatically)
- Check the bottom of your receipt for details throughout the program. Your total will be updated every shopping trip.
Look for tags like this that specify it as a participating item.
So now you have made your purchase and earned some money back for your designated school
 but What to do with all this awesome Tyson chicken ??
Try out my favorite easy quicky meal :

My legendary Buffalo, or sometimes it's BBQ, Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe
Tweet me your favorite Tyson meals at @sparklemepink8 @TysonFoods and be sure to include the hashtag #ClipForSchool

Highlighted / Important links : 
Tyson on Twitter: @TysonTweets
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  1. Its so refreshing to know that the support of schools are our priority.

  2. I support our schools and I enjoy eating chicken, it's a perfect combination!!

  3. I love it when big companies get involved in helping our schools. Thanks for all the great information!