Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We Had So Much Fun ... Our Classic Family Fun Night

Hi everyone hope you had a fabulous weekend ! If you missed it check out the Sparkling Sunday post to catch up on everything that went down last week as well as the launch of SMP's latest giveaway !!
So I posted yesterday on FB & Twitter that Mike and I were taking the kids bowling for FREE ! Then back to school clothes shopping. OK so back up how did we go for free ? Check out my post on AMF's Summer UnPlugged Program. Plus we had two adult free passes from a promo I did a while back so score ! We still had to pay for the kids shoe rentals which was $10 but it was soooo worth it, they had a blast!!
This was Sophia's first time bowling !! At first she didn't like the wooden floor in front of the lanes - yea she is a weirdo and hates shiny floors in general. Like the ones at Target OMG its hilarious she screams if I try to make her walk on them and I have no idea why !! But after she warmed up to the place she was carrying her little pink bowling ball up to the slider thingy and pushing it away.

Anthony is just a pro at everything he does. I mean the kid is a beast. He seriously not joke did better than me on during one of the games !!
 The score from the last game we played -- Anthony got a 116 and I got a 117, and yes AJ totally got a strike in frame 5 -- Michael of course busts out his old league tricks and bumped out a 148 on this last game, i think he actually did even better in the games before.
Look at my big ol' butt attempting to bowl hahah --- and Anthony holy moly he is just getting so big, he starts Kindergarten NEXT Monday !!!!! Overall we had tons of laughs, goofing around and joking about how Anthony was kicking my butt and at Sophia's celebration dances. Or the 'boogie on down' she did while waiting for her ball to reach the pins, Memo to self: Get Sophia in dance classes ASAP.
We even saw a rainbow on the way to the mall :-)   Then to top it all off, at the mall Mike took the kids on the Merry-Go-Round ... no way in heck I was getting on that creepy thing.

What a fun day ! We will definitely be doing this again :-)


  1. Do you try to avoid stores with shiny floors? Wow, that would be hard! Glad your daughter was able to have bowling!

    1. LOL I know isn't that silly ? I don't try to avoid stores such as Target. I basically just hold her hand the whole time or tell her to "suck it up" ... of course she won't sit in the seat of the cart either :-/ its definitely interesting shopping with this gang

  2. We loved taking our kids bowling when they were young. It's amazing that a ball rolling so slow you would think it would never get to the pins can actually hit & knock down all 10!