Friday, July 26, 2013

Sole Society Clearance & What I Bought

I just placed my order for these 3 sassy pairs of summer sandals from Sole Society to go along with some adorable maxi dresses I picked up at Walmart (of all places) this past week.
A classic open toed white wedge  - great with flowy summer dresses or OH that high/low skirt from my Day to Night post ! Very espadrille-ish 
I really like that these aren't totally flat or a higher wedge. I am short and a bit thick in the legs so this little heel will hopefully lengthen my legs and look great with skinny jeans or a maxi dress. 
The cork wedge - yet another spring & summer classic. This has a bit of brown, silver and white and should match just about everything ! I like wearing cork wedges like these with dark jeans for a more date night look. 
I will say right off the bat that ordering was a bit of a pain in the butt - I used some credit I had from my last order which I returned see my post here, My Sole Society Order Just Arrived, for the whole story. So when I checked out my total was one thing but my debit card was charge the amount I expected AND the amount before the store credit !! Plus they took the store credit so at that point I'm totally confused. But just got off the phone with Sole Society and apparently the whole amount charge should drop off in a few days ?! IDK I guess we will see. But am pretty excited to meet these 3 cuties ! 

Which of the 3 do you like the best ?

Don't forget to check out their Summer Clearance event 


  1. All 3 cute pairs of shoes. I would choose Levi just because I like lower heels.

    1. Thanks and ditto thats a big reason I didnt just get the two wedges i felt I needed a lower heel for most days :-)