Friday, July 12, 2013

My Proskins Slim 28 Day Challenge - The Beginning

I have recently hopped abort an awesome opportunity to try out and lose some cellulite through Proskins line of SLIM leggings. I am challenged to wear these leggings for 28 days straight with about 8 hours of wear time each day. That sounds like a lot but once I joined their online support group and got chatting with some of the other participants, they recommended wearing them in the evening and even while I sleep !
My first day of this challenge was last Friday (July 5th 2013). I wanted to wear them for a week and get to know them before introducing you guys to them. Y'all know I don't kiss and tell on first dates :-)

So check it out these are not your typical fashion / workout or lounging leggings. No these are specially formulated leggings have infused fibers of patented micro-encapsulated yarn to optimize and regulate your body temperature. Some of the properties that are infused into the fabric are retinol, caffine and vitamin E. All of which are geared towards promoting the destruction of fat calls, stimulate collagen - which gives you that youthful appearance and antioxidant that help your skin appear younger and fresher. The actual fabric tag of the leggings specifically naming Lyrca and Nylon as the main fabrics. For me I knew right away I would love them. Putting them on for the first time I loved how forgivingly stretchy yet clingy they were while also being surprisingly super soft & silky to the touch. The first couple minutes I'll admit I felt pretty hot - like temperature hot but after about 10 minutes my body regulated out and they actually felt pretty cooling on the skin. Which I loooove at night time especially in this 120 degree weather we have been having here in AZ. I even noticed Mike rubbing my legs a bit more while I was wearing them because of how silky smooth they feel. They are not heavy or thick but not women's stockings thin either. As for the skin soothing and smoothing properties i have not seen an major changes yet but am positive and optimistic. I have washed them twice now (since I've been wearing them at night and not getting all super sweaty in them) I just threw them in the washing machine and promptly removed them after the cycles were finished. Then set them out to air dry on a clothing rack. I haven't have any issues with them changing shape/size/softness at all ! By the way as you guys kind of already know I typically wear women's sized 14 bottoms and got these in the same size. They are ever so slightly loose but I am not sure if I were to get more that I would get a size down ? I don't know not sure yet. So stay tuned for another update next Friday and hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Be sure to check out the Proskins site for more info and heck pick up and pair of your own and do the 28 Day Challenge with me ! Make sure you comment or tweet me or something if you do !!

My beginning measurements and picture :
July 5th 2013 - 27.25 inches

 Week One Results : 
 July 12th 2013 -  26.63
 Anthony took these so props to my 4 yr old for helping mama out :-) and hello tree trunk thighs, stretch marks and cellulite.  
Ill will be putting up some pics of the actually leggings soon , right now they are on the drying rack fresh out of the washer :-)


  1. Keep me updated! I could use something like this!

  2. Sounds like an interesting product. I figured they'd be super hot to wear in the summertime, but I'm glad for your sake that they are actually cooling. They'd be worth wearing at night just for that property!