Friday, July 19, 2013

Meet The Newest Member of Our Family

After the event that went down earlier this week - our Beta fish and Anthony's first pet of his own 'Captain America' passed away. Anthony went into pouty, woe is me , end of the world mode and convinced Mike that a guinea pig would be a fabulous replacement pet. Plus his 5th birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and he is starting school on MONDAY, yes Monday isn't that crazy ??? Well neither Mike or I could resist him looking at us in the middle of PetSmart with his Puss in Boots watery eyes pleading pleaseeeeeee. So $150 bucks later - Yea Happy early fricken Birthday kid - and 2 hours of checking out the stores whole selection of guineas, Anthony chose a calm, slightly older (3-4  months old) piggie to join our family.

On the way home Mike and I asked AJ what he wanted to name his little piggie, and the only thing he could come up with was his own name - Anthony. So Mike suggested the name Tony to stay in the realm of AJ's super original first choice. I then added the idea of Little Tony ?! But that was quickly shot down by AJ's very direct "NO , I know, Big Tony" and so our new little piggie was named Big Tony.

Since Big Tony's arrival AJ and I have literally spent hours watching ridiculous, informational and funny guinea pig YouTube videos. Trying to conjure up as much knowledge about these little creatures as possible since I have never owned a guinea pig before. My mom was never a fan of small rodent like animals so we just had a dog growing up, his name was Gus, you know the mouse from Cinderella :-) So this is a whole new experience for me as well.
Right now we have a large cage for him with soft shredded cardboard ?! bedding on the bottom with a ramp to the upper level where his Timothy Hay cage ball is and a small dish of pebble food. True story: the associate that was helping us through the whole process suggested we purchase a glass water bottle instead of using the plastic one that came in the kit since apparently the plastic ones leak. Naturally we purchased the glass bottle which then totally soaked half the cage in the first night - I quickly cleaned it up of course and hooked up the plastic one which we have yet to have an issue with it - go figure.

As we get used to Tony and know that he is going to be staying with us - PetSmart has a 14 day guarantee policy kind of a just in case he is not be for us, but so far I think everything has been fine and have no plans on taking advantage of the guarantee. But anyways, as we have him a bit longer I plan to set up an area down stairs where he cam run around a bit more in a safe open cage environment with toys, tunnels and all sorts of little fun piggie items. I think an area like this will make it easier for the kids to interact with him as well. Anthony has loved sitting watching TV with Tony in his lap just chillin. Though I think Tony secretly enjoys sitting upon my boobaloobs hahahah I will say one thing Big T hates and I mean hates my hair !!! if it touches him he goes bat shit crazy !!! Its kinda funny but I feel bad making him uncomfortable so I just make sure I pull it back when I go to pick him up.

Anthony is so cute with him too. He has been sitting next to the cage at night and reading him bed time books and telling stories. Heck even Sophia has been willing to pet him, she hasn't held him yet, but she isn't really a fan of animals in general touching her, yea shes a wierdo sometimes. Oh and something I have been most excited about is that we have gotten Big T to talk already! At first he was just softly purring, kind of sounded like a dove or something. However today he did a light traditional (apparently) guinea pig squeaking ?! Totally adorable. He hasn't done any schuffing? I believe it's called or teeth clicking? they do that when they are upset / uncomfortable so that's good. I don't know, I have surprisingly been pretty open minded about this little dude coming into my home and hope it all works out and he is happy with us :-)

I would love to hear what you guys think and get some advice from other piggie owners. 
Comment below with some advice for AJ and I :-) 


  1. I LOVE guinea pigs! We had two, Filmore and Lincoln. Filmore passed away a few weeks ago but lived a long life! Enjoy your new little pig!

    1. Awww RIP Filmore .... and thank you for the good luck - this should be interesting :-)

  2. Congratulations on the new member of the family! Can't believe a little creature could cost $150! Or does that include all his necessities in life too?