Saturday, July 27, 2013

Limited Edition POP Art Craze Collection by Wet n Wild ~ Wild Shine Nail Polish

 Well lookie what I found !!!! Finally found something from Wet N Wild that I was looking for ! and at that price (ends 7/21) I picked up one of each color from my local Walgreens. Have you spotted these yet ?
POP out of the Norm and Into the Craze 
Left to Right 
Who is Ultra Violet? - Teal Slowly and See - A Blank Canvas - Stand The Test of Lime - Listening To Blue Reed - The Clock Strikes Orange 

I decided to play around with them a bit and this is what came of it :-) Which are your favs ??

A little review note - the white is a bit streaky but perfect on a second coat. The colors are only super bold when layer on top of a white base. The colors still look great even without a white base are the deeper blue, and the lighter blue -- for me without a white base the orange was a bit dull and same with the green. The purple is quite transparent and which two coats (no base) gives you the color shown on the right hands pinky finger. I think the gradient came out awesome and would deff recreate that again :-)

Warning -> Photo Bomb of these polishes to see it all Click See Full Post 
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  Next up on my must find this are the eye shadow trios that go along with this POP Art Craze line ! Let me know if you have spotted them !!


  1. Have not yet seen these displays, but they certainly do "pop!" I'm afraid I only buy these vibrant colors for my daughters, though!

    1. Hey buy them for yourself and use them for detailing some festive holiday nails :-) I'm so excited for Halloween. Thanksgiving etc is creeping up on us ... I've already been looking into costumes !!

  2. I hardly ever wear nail polish but when I do I wear something crazy - and these polishes certainly qualify!