Saturday, July 27, 2013

First Week Of Kindergarten: ✓

So we have made it !!!!! Wahooo 
With only tears (of course by me) on the first day, we have had dry eyes all week :-)
Anthony has already told me wonderful stories about how he has made several new friends - but don't ask him their names cuz he doesn't remember them yet hehehe. 
Doesn't he look thrilled to have his picture taken ?!
OH and don't even try to ask him what the lunch table conversation was about because all you'll get is a " I can't tell you mom, its a secret!" 
I bet he thinks girls have cooties now too  
Overall week one of being down a kid during the day has been successful. It has been far too hot for me to do anything outdoors with Sophia yet so we have been just bumming around watching TV soaps, cleaning and doing each others makeup - I'm sure you have seen how that goes by now -> My 2 Year Old Does My Makeup. Now my mission this week is to find Sophia a local little girl she can play with during the day so she can stop asking me where her sister is :-O
 YEAAAAA no more kids for Mike & I 

Another mission this coming is to compile all of my lunch box ideas research into one big informative post. So keep an eye ball out for that.

Comment below on your successful tips for school age kids : lunches, how to get them to talk about their day & getting them to go to bed early I need to know your mommy secrets :-)  

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