Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sexy and Functional Swimsuits For The Plus Sized Gal

5/9/14 - UPDATED Post : Sexy Yet Totally Wearable Swim Suits for the Curvy Girl

  I announced on Twitter the other day that I am in the market for a new swim suit. One that actually fits , hides and flaunts what need/should be while also not looking super oldish or like a 12 yr old. It is no secret that I am NOT a size 0 but actually more a pant size 14, ek I know! It came as a bit of a shock to me too - when I had a bit of a mental break down and cried in the middle of the Kohl's woman's department a couple weeks ago. Mike was trying to help me feel better about my outer self by helping to pick some new pieces out that would fit my new body more appropriately. But you know what ? This is the size I am right now and maybe one day I will be sparked with true motivation to drastically do something about it but for right now I need to accept this form and work with it - Just a side note some if not most of my most recent weight gain is uncontrollable on my part other than making sure I am taking the proper doses of my medicines.

  So lets get shopping !
I found this awesome site called Swimsuits For All . This site carries swim wear and cover ups for only sizes 8 and + . I am loving their newly released Retro Swimwear - they even have a section of Marilyn Monroe inspired suits !!
Swim Sexy Pink Hibiscus Plus Size Twist Front Slit Skirtini
Swim Sexy Black Cut Out Maillot

The suit on the left here I think I like the most Swim Sexy Pink Hibiscus Plus Size Twist Front Slit Skirtini But is it too mommy-ish ??
and then there is this Swim Sexy Black Cut Out Maillot suit ! Unfortunately I have a nice set of love handles so this one wouldn't work for me :(  

Swim Sexy Pink Waterfall Stripe Plus Size Twist Front Swimdress
This one is actually a swim dress !
I love the bright bold colors of it and that it covers everything.  

There are seriously sooo many I like I can't decide !!
Need . Your . Help
Swim Sexy Teal Animal V-Neck Swimsuit
 Swim Sexy Teal Animal 
V-Neck Swimsuit
Sexy and Coverage 
Swim Sexy Rose Plus Size Fringe Bandeau/Halter Swimsuit
 Swim Sexy Rose Plus Size Fringe Bandeau/Halter Swimsuit  
I like the funkiness of the fringe and that the strap is detachable 
Swim Sexy Teal Animal Chic Plus Size Bandeau/Halter Sheath Swimsuit
 Swim Sexy Teal Animal Chic Plus
 Size Bandeau/Halter Sheath Swimsuit

Again I like the convertible 
strap and bright print 
Swim Sexy Purple Animal Chic Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuit
Swim Sexy Purple Animal Chic 
Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuit
This doesn't have convertible
 straps but the print is adorbs 
OK so what is the verdict ? 
Which is your fav ? Or have you seen another suit somewhere else that you like ? Let me know in the comments below !!


  1. I love pink and watercolors, so the Sexy Pink Waterfall Stripe Twist Front Swimdress is my pick. I really like the skirts--so cute and covers great. The pink and yellow look so good in this suit. Good luck picking!

  2. I really like the Swim Sexy Teal Animal Chic Plus, because the color is nice (makes me think of the ocean), and it really flatters the figure.