Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June ShOpPiNg Fun ...

I got to go out to Wally World yesterday with Mike and the 2 munchkins and picked up and saw some adorable stuff that I want to share with y'all real quick ...
 Well first off if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter than you may already know that I purchased this and few other gorgeous pieces off ShopLately the other day and can NOT wait for them to arrive !!

Then at Walmart I saw this set on clearance ! I was eyeballin similar sets on Amazon just the other day woo hoo *high five* These are supposed to be for Bedazzling clothes but I am going to use it for Bedazzling my nails :-)

Then I saw these two shirts they are that soft flowy see through material - so cute - I didnt get them but may deff go back for the purpley collared one !! Then the Maybelline section was stocked full of peelies -- $2/1 Face and $1/1 Eye product coupons so I got the under-eye concealer Ive been wanting to trying out and this super pretty eye shadow duo. I actually filmed a First Impressions video for them this morning -- hint hint I LOVE <3 -- keep and eye out for that video going up soon 
 Oh and not to forget Ms. Priss got her big girl bed today !!! Minnie shirt , Minnie Pajamas, Minnie dolls Minnie figurines she is Minnie-fied !! OHH and not to mention what she calls her Rock Star pillow (the purple fuzzy pillow behind her)
Lastly I did a bit of splurging last night on and picked up a few things that I want to put together as a 'Take Your Look from Day-Night  Fashion Edition' ... I am pretty excited to show youuuuuu!!
Otherwise that is all the news I have for you for now --- Keep up to date with my randomness by Subscribing on YouTube - Facebook & Twitter :-) 

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