Monday, June 17, 2013

impress Press-On Manicure First Impression & Demo

Have you guys used these before ?
I have seen them at CVS, Walmart & etc but to be honest they reminded me of the fake glue on nails I attempted to wear back in middle school - you know when I thought I was cool :-). So lucky for me, I won these from Influenster through one of their VoxBox challenges and I'm glad I did! I may have never had the guts to purchase these on my own. 
**Video is at the bottom of post**
Be sure to watch my video to see how exactly to apply these nails I will mostly be talking about the experience / out come... So like I said earlier I was a bit hesitant about applying these as I normally just paint my nails. However, the whole application process of picking out the right sized nails to actually applying them only took but a few minutes !! 
The pros - 
  • There is zero drying time - unless you count 30 minutes no water contact as drying time ??
  • I also like that these come is some crazy cool designs and bright fun colors too. 
  • The application was beyond simple - peel, stick, smooth and done 
  • They felt heavy, as in durable ?? example the next morning I woke up and felt them there as if I had acrylics on ? They weren't flimsy light things. I don't know I liked that factor.
  • Also they don't have any scent - no chemically fragrance during application or anything
  • Mike didn't even know these weren't my real nails until I said something
The cons -
  • There was a small gap at the tip of my natural nail and the press on nail which I knew would be the reason they would peel up prematurely than if they were more molded to my nails.
  • Didn't last as long as I would have liked or what they claim to.
My story - I applied these in the early afternoon of Friday and by that evening had to replace only one of my nails ( right pinky finger ) which I am thinking I must have a weird pinky finger because even with a brand new nail that one fell off again not long after as well. Other than that they all survived me shampooing Sophia and myself, doing dish, laundry etc etc. On Saturday we were at the pool alllll day. That means several hours in the water and they were all fine until I got out to dry off. It was then that my right index finger fell off :( I just gave in at that point and peeled the other 8 nails off even though they were on still pretty good. I did not feel as though it damaged my natural nails at all, which of course is a major plus and they didn't leave behind any sticky residue either.
  Overall I think these would be perfect for those times when you don't have the time to do/get your nails done. Think weddings or for an impromptu dinner date. They are super affordable too. Plus with a wide variety of shades and designs, I am confident there is a style for everyone and every outfit.
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