Friday, June 7, 2013

I Chopped Off All Of My Hair !!

I Chopped Off All My Hair  !! Wait ... What ??? ....NO !!! .... Yeppers 
(Video at bottom of post)
Last night after my shower I was just fed up. My scalp hurt from the weight of my hair and I had no motivation to tackle the tangles that were left over from my manic shampooing. I make sure every strand grabs a hold of its fair share of shampoo and conditioner. But last night something had to give.

I woke up this morning and snuck downstairs for my morning coffee and a bit of mindless US Weekly reading while scoping out all the stars hair styles. Nothing tickled my fancy. But I continued on getting on with my day finishing my makeup and straightening my hair in preparation for whatever lay ahead. I didn't tell Mike where exactly I was going or doing - he just figured I would be at Walmart or Target as usual. The first salon I went to didn't have an opening and even called another local shop to see if they had one, with no luck in availability. Walking out I felt a bit anxious still and honestly quite discouraged. I got in the car and headed in the direction of the second shop which is also conveniently right next to the Walmart I wanted to hit up. Now remember this salon wasn't supposed to have an opening. So when I walked in and overheard that there was a no show and I knew it was fate. Moments later Ms. Dori - the stylist who did my chop, took me back and began shampooing my hair. She was so kind and asked me all the right questions - a million times. Especially when I told her I wanted to take off 6 or so inches, she only wanted to take off 3 inches but that wasn't enough for me.

Right when we were about to begin the older lady next to us asked her stylist if I was donating my hair and that stylist then asked my stylist who said ohhh no just a small change today. But for me it just clicked. I had contemplated over this idea last night after my shower when I was frustrated but didn't think too much of it as I didn't know if they would take my split ends or if I even had enough hair. Dori assured me I would have enough in length and certainly enough in thickness - that my hair was exactly what donation centers such as Locks of Love strive for. She measured out the 10.5 inches and asked me a million more times if I would be able to live with myself once she chopped it all off. It was only then that this overwhelming calmness over came me and I just said YES - do it!
I am so happy I did :-)
Literally a weight has been lifted off my shoulders today. 

Plus my hair can now go on and give someone else the look or feel more like themselves. 
Everyone deserves to feel pretty. 
You Can TOOO 
Check out programs like Pantene and Lock of Love have for hair donations.
Anyways I look forward to playing around with my new, healthier and more manageable hair. 

Is it as difficult for you to get hair cuts as it is for me ?? 

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