Saturday, June 22, 2013

BEST Sunless Tanner - Million Dollar Tan - Naturally Bronzed Skin Without The Sun !!!

Big hugs and thank you to Million Dollar Tan for sending me these products to try out ad review. Of course you guys know already that all statements and results are 100% that of my own.
** Video at bottom of post**
 Lets face it the major of us feel better about the way we look when we have a tan. It is just a fact! People look slimmer and feel a bit perkier when bronzed :-) I know I do. My thing is I don't want to have to sit in the sun - sweating my butt off (or collecting harmful UV rays) to get that tan look. Luckily Million Dollar Tan has answered my tanning wish.
Now what makes Million Dollar Tan any different than other sunless tanners on the market ? MLD is an all natural, paraben free & cruelty free sunless tanner that uses DHA technology to tan your skin. 'DHA is a colorless sugar that interacts with the outer layer of skin, the epidermis, causing a color change.'  This is what I was trying to explain in my video demo but you know me I can never remember the correct name for things off the top of my head.
The results are amazing !!
After only one application my skin is evenly bronzed and glowing.

I did not edit or alter these photos in any way except to add them together as a collage!! This is before/after is with only one application - I get even darker after a second application.
Here is another pic of me look pretty tan :-) You may have seen this pic on FB already I posted about how AJ photo bombed me LOL !!

So now you know how it creates the color but what about the longevity of your tan? In my experience if I apply this after my shower two nights in a row my tan will last a bit over a week !! Crazy I know ! Another huge plus about MLD for me it that it fades evenly and naturally. I don't get splotchy arms and legs and never have crusty, crumbly knees or elbows at all ! Since our skin naturally exfoliates on its own, plus we take showers, go swim etc. the skin that has been tanned with the DHA complex will eventually fade along with your skin evenly as well.
The Cabana Tan lotions I use are so easy to apply too. 
I literally just apply it like a lotion and in about 6 hours my skin has that gorgeous, healthy glow. 
I am seriously in love with these two lotions ! 
They are never orange, or streaky and even make the cellulite on my legs less noticeable !! 
I highly recommend this sunless tanner and can honestly say I won't be using the ones from drug store anymore. 
Check out the Million Dollar Tan site for more product info and options. I know they have a dark version of this cabana tan lotion, sprays, spray machines etc !
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  1. How long does the 8oz bottle last? How often did you reapply.

    1. Hey Mag ! When I am wanting to keep the tan going I reapply every 4-5 days. I have been really lagging on upkeep so I still have a bit left in my second bottle, they last a while plus a little goes a long way :-) Hope this helps !