Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sparkling Sunday - Weekly Post Round Up 5/05 - 5/11

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Weekly Post Round Up 5/05 - 5/11

Happy Mother's Day y'all - If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter then you probably already know that hubby, the kids and I are moving to a new house this week woo hoo - We literally found out on Wed that we got it and we are moving in THIS Tuesday ! cRaZy I know , so I have been packing like a mad woman, sorting toys and realizing I should basically be on either the TV show extreme couponers or hoarders LOL 

I miss you guys and will probably, blog wise be MIA this week too :( -- Mike says the internet in the new house is being set up on the 20th so expect a big welcome back hello from me then !!! 

Sparkle Me Pink has 2 , yes 2 giveaways ending this week !! Links are below so get your entries in quick. 

Tweet me and stay connected during this hectic week on FB, I love chatting with you guys!

**extra side** OK who else is totally stoked that So You Think You Can Dance starts on Tuesday !?!?!? I made sure the cable guy will have it all set up in time for the show ;-p

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