Monday, May 27, 2013

Private Selection Upside Down Cake REVIEW
When I saw that I had received this campaign I squealed a little.
FREE dessert to try out and review ??
Heck yea, So thank you Bzzagent for this opportunity!!

  One of the cool things about this specific campaign was that rather than waiting for coupons or the product to show up in the mail they used our shopper cards to load the coupon onto them thus saving time, mail, money, paper etc PLUS it was pretty idiot proof for me since I tend to forget my shopping list and coupons on the kitchen counter to only realize this upon arriving at the shop.

  As for the upside down rubble bubblenesses the first Fry's (our Kroger's out here in the AZ) they didn't have any of these and the bakery clerk had no idea what I was talking about. So onto the second Fry's and they had tonssssss of all three types:
German Chocolate Fudge
Double Chocolate Molten
and Amber Honey Apple Spice
of course (duh) I chose the Double Chocolate Molten one!
  It sat in our fridge for a few days - mostly for lack of appropriate timing and motivation to read the instructions. However, Mikes parents were over the other night and felt it would be a great time to bust it out and get everyone's opinion. The prep was just as basic as they claim it to be.

'Only minutes to prepare – just warm, flip & serve'

  After it being in the oven for about 15 minutes and had filled the whole house with a warm chocolatey aroma I simply pulled it out, ran a knife around it, flipped it onto my glass snowman serving plate and pealed off the hidden when being baked parchment paper BAM done. I didn't have to warm the oozing drizzle separately or worry about spreading it out properly .
  As for the taste well my friends let me just say that there were 6 of us - 4 adults two little munchkins and there was only a small section left over ( ok I totally hid the last piece so that I may nuke it up later and enjoy it for myself hehehe) The general consensus was that it is awesome. I reminded all of a warm cake like brownie but was not a dry in texture. Very smooth with just enough molteness. We talked about the other 2 flavors available which then became requests for our next get together since this one was that good. Now my in-laws are from NY and are real Italians - they know desserts, so for them to enjoy this, it must be good :-) One thing we all kind of wish we had to go with a slice of this molten chocolatey goodness was vanilla bean ice cream or even some whip cream awww man I'm salivating just thinking about it ! OH by the way the left overs nuked up perfectly fine and I enjoyed it all the same as when it first came out of the oven.
  The only con we could come up with was the price, about $10 a pop. At that price I would have to realllly have a hankering for some sweets or know that I would be having some company over. But like I said we are curious to try the German Chocolate Fudge and Amber Honey Apple Spice ones.
Some info provided to me from Bzzagent

Available in three decadent varieties:
German Chocolate Fudge – chocolate fudge cake topped with caramel, coconut and pecan frosting
Double Chocolate Molten – moist chocolate cake topped with molten chocolate
Amber Honey Apple Spice – cinnamon spiced cake topped with apple slices and honey glaze

Made with premium ingredients, including real butter, fine chocolates and fruits, just like homemade.

You’ll find them in the bakery section of the Kroger family of stores
 Let me know if you have tried any of these 3 upside down Private Selection cakes before and if your family was like mine and wants one every night LOL

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