Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Skin Story - Dealing With Acne and Psoriasis - Past and Current Treatments
Hey guys ! I haven't updated you on my skin situation lately and since I went to the Dermo last week figured now is about time :-) 

Now for those that don't know already, I see my Dermatologist for my acne and plaque psoriasis.

* Reminder I am not a doctor myself just sharing my story and experience *
Some background bullet points 
Acne : 
  • Have had pimply skin since 4th grade!
  • Very oily though this has been better since using some specific products which I talk about in this post
  • Have seen 3 different Dermo's - 2 in NY 1 here in AZ -
  • Have tried just about every topical cream/lotion/treatment both Over the Counter and RX
  • I have NEVER had 100% - no not even 80% clear skin at least since I was 10, but I do feel as though my acne has changed over the years.
  • I tend to now get breakouts around my mouth, jaw & random nose and forehead ones. They almost always hurt or itch. Sometimes I do get cysts that seem to last months !!
  • Strangely I breakout like crazy the day after I eat imitation crab or lobster meat - its so dang delicious though !!! grrr
    • Some RX products I've tried and actually remember the names of - 
      • Clindamycin
      • Tazorac
      • Rentin-A Micro / Tretinoin
      • Benzaclin
      • Duac
      • Differin
      • Doxycycline - only pill meds I have tried so far
      • (I know there is more but of course I can't remember them all)
Psoriasis :
  • I didn't know it at the time but as a kid I had a small dry patch on the small of my back that just never went away - which has now cleared up
  • When I was about 6 I feel off my bike - 3 stitches to the chin later the massive abrasion on my left knee is what kicked in my bodies psoriasis - meaning when it healed it never stopped producing skin and my body was unable to shed the older/dead skin fast enough and I got this patchy white and scaly rash on my left knee. 
  • I am 25 and still have this rash on my left knee !! 
  • While pregnant with my second baby and sometimes randomly before that, I would get break outs of the scaly white plaque psoriasis patches on my left knee (has never gone away),  right knee, both elbows, top lip & on the outside of my pinky fingers. - all of these places have cleared up .
  • Sometimes the patches are super itchy & when using Clobetasol if I use it too often the skin gets too thin & hurts like crazy and eventually cracks. 
  • However, most of the time I don't even realize I have the rash on my knee - until once I had someone asks me if I ever use lotion because my knee was gross - dumbass !  
    • Some products I have used to help - 
      • Cortisone OTC
      • RX Cortisone
      • Clobetasol
      • Cortisone Shots 
So onto last weeks appt. 

I hadn't been to the Dermo in almost a year ! So I was ready for a change with my meds and a new plan of action. For my acne the doc suggested I stick to just using the Clindamycin ( a lotion or sometimes liquid form of RX med that kills bacteria on the skin ) while also starting a pill form of RX. The pills he suggested I try first is Doxycycline 100mg - twice a day. OK no problem doxy is just an antibiotic I have taken this before to kick a sinus infections butt. Well, something is different this time, or maybe I just suck at taking medicine but every time I take the dang pills I get super nauseas.  I have tried eat crackers right before and right after - tons of water - my tummy just doesn't like it. Luckily it only lasts a few minutes to about 20 minutes and passes. I also have to remember not to eat any dairy before or after taking the doxy too ! Its basically just a pain in the ass pill if you ask me LOL !

As for the psoriasis, since I have been able to manage any breakouts (excluding that left knee) with the Clobetasol I will continue to use that where needed - as needed - if needed and hopefully never needed ! The left knee since it is a larger site that has been there for sooo long and never been cleared away he decided it was time to inject the area with Cortisone. I have never had shots like this before. It was a bit painful during the shot process but thankfully its only a few seconds. The day I got the shots the area felt sort of tingly numb ?? and super weird. That went away by the next day and the site never hurt or anything for me. I did (as recommended by the doc) continued to use my Clobatesol about every other day on the left knee site after my showers at night. Its been a week now since my appt and shots and the area has significantly cleared up !! I am very impressed !!! The area is still a bit scaly and pink almost ? but it doesn't hurt or feel raw. 

I go back in 2/3 months for another check up to see if the Doxycycline is doing anything and if I need another round of Cortizone shots in my knee. 

I did (just this week) purchase this Mia Clarisonic Sonic Facial Brush which was recommended by my doctor at this visit and previous visits. I will update you guys when it arrives and how I like it with my sensitive acne and oily prone skin. 

That is my very long and probably boring skin story but I hope that if you are reading this and are suffering from similar skin ailments maybe you learned something or felt comfort that YOU ARE NOT ALONE !

If you have ANY questions feel free to comment below or if you would be more comfortable please privately email me through the contact button at the top of the blog :-)

Some tips from the doctor 
I asked my doctor-
  • Best Makeup for Oily/Acne Prone Skin ? 
  • Best Skin Products for Oily/Acne Prone Skin ? 
    • Brand recommendation from Dr, I have NOT tried this brand yet- Epionce


  1. Skin in very important because one of the thing the people will see you is your appearance. I have Psoriasis and until now I am still fighting such disease, good thing it is not that visible now compared before.

  2. I tried to buy apple cider vinegar product as a medication. The same with you my battle is not over yet. We can do it!

  3. use coconut oil for cooking your food and massage it into your skin for relief and healing. I also put a little coconut oil in my black coffee in the morning.
    eat alkalizing foods. these things have helped for plaque psoriasis

  4. use coconut oil for cooking your food and massage it into your skin for relief and healing. I also put a little coconut oil in my black coffee in the morning.
    eat alkalizing foods. these things have helped for plaque psoriasis