Monday, May 27, 2013

Make Your Own - 'Uncrustable' Sandwiches
My kids are huge fans of those Smuckers Uncrustables frozen sandwiches. But honestly I think its a kind of icky idea. I mean frozen peanut butter and jelly ?? Or maybe it's because as it thaws the bread gets all gooie and I can not stand gooie bread - ok I will admit it when it comes to food yes I can be kind of a weird-o - I dont even put milk in my cereal - yuckkkkk. ( Although the kids love it ) So when I saw this gizmo hanging in the bread aisle of  Walmart the other day I had to pick it up. I did also see this later at the Dollar Tree by my house too! Luckily I didn't fell too upset about seeing it at the dollar store since it was only like a dollar and change at Walmart. Anyways, I already have a set of FunBites sandwich slicers so why get this one ?

1. I don't use my FunBites on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches simply because cleaning peanut butter off anything other than the butter knife annoys me, so all the nook an crannies of the FunBites would probably drive me bananas. I save the FunBites for deli meat sandwiches.

2. Because it not only removed the crust from the sandwich but also pinches the slices together to create a peanut butter and jelly pocket. Plus the pocket like sandwich is true in size and not a mini pathetic excuse of a sandwich like the frozen ones can be. Plus it is all fresh ingredients :-)

I use this Wonder Seal'R several times a week and probably will use it even more once AJ starts Kindergarten in July. EK AJ is going to school !!!!!!!!!!
  Let me know what you think about this super usefully gizmo in the comments below - are your kids crust kids or are they like mine and think I am feeding them poison if I leave the crust on ?! 

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