Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm BAcKkKkK !!!! :-)

Welcome on back to Sparkle Me Pink !
Phew ...
We have finally move just about 95% of everything over to the new house and are now slowly & collectively putting our new place together.
The nail polish stash

The shampoo and conditioner stash 
I am sooooo excited about having a yard, garage, driveway and even a full sized kitchen with tons of counter space again !! The townhouse we were in was only about 900 sq ft. The kids had to share a room where as now they only have to share their adjoined Jack n Jill bathroom. Anthony calls his 'short cut to the princess room'.

The first night here was interesting. 
Both kids went to their own rooms and in bed no problem but only few minutes later I could hear Sophia sneaking out of her room and peak her head into Anthony's asking "T T are you ok ?" Then AJ asked if she was afraid and offered for her to sleep in his bed with him :-) They didn't know I was ease dropping and I secretly gave myself a I kick butt at parenting air high five.

Going a week and a half with no internet was surprisingly relaxing. Don't get me wrong I missed you guys !! I love blogging and sharing advice & reviews. But I expected myself to get anxious about not posting and I wasn't. Perhaps it was the excitement - and exhaustion of moving that overwhelmed the anxiety for once. I have been terribly tired lately though. If you have kids you remember those first months when you are pregnant and could literally fall asleep sitting up ? I am NOT pregnant (totally have an IUD for that) but man I have been that lethargic, its frustrating !! Luckily or unluckily I am not alone in feeling a bit like a crazy cat, Mike has been pretty stressed out too. He worries more about the new bills, money and work more than anything - you know the usual life crap - so I can't blame him. Otherwise he has been amazing and super into helping me design and decorate the house. We totally watch all those house HGTV / TLC shows and ewww and ahhh at the fancy designers creations.

On the topic of decorating the house Anthony has this little plant called Kind Angus - yes the mini tree thing has a name! Well, King Angus has me inspired to maybe have a few more plants. Some outside, some inside. But I am totally new to having a green thumb and would love some advice !! Keep in mind though that we  live in Arizona so the outdoor plants will have to be pretty hefty/sturdy ones. I don't know what I expect or will come of this current fad I have kidding around my creative mind but I have this vision of waking up in the morning to water my little plants with a cute little water pail and wear my over sized ridiculous weaved floppy hat. -- Speaking of outdoors stuff Anthony also has been really into birds lately and has already begged  (and of course Mike and I caved) for a hummingbird feeder to hang outside. We see hummingbirds maybe once a day randomly here in AZ but Anthony wants to have "regulars" that he can name. Secretly I heard him talking to Sophia about wanting to capture one in a lantern like Tinkerbelle did in 'Peter Pan' so he can keep and observe it...OH BoY...

So to bring it all back around I am back and plan to slowly catch up on some awesome product rviews that I know you are going to love. Along with some great giveaways. I have picked up a few smokin deals the past couples days hopefully will do up that post tonight to share with y'all. Otherwise keep your eyes pealed for some super Sparkle Me Pink greatness ahead :-)

To set my come back with a bang the first giveaway is already live and ends May 31st so go enter that over HERE,  browse around a bit and comment or tweet me any reviews/articles/topics idk whatever you want to here about, watch a video on or learn how to do.

Thanks for coming along on this magic carpet ride - I mean journey ;-)  
I loved my time away chatting with y'all on Twitter and Facebook
Heck I should take a no internet hiatus more often 
The infamous new house :-) Only blue skies and sunshine here in AZ

New living room set



the glorious kitchen <3

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