Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby-BeeHaven Cush'n Go Memory Foam Stroller Cushion Review

I would first like to thank Baby-BeeHaven for sending me this adorable yet functional product for me to try out and review for you all ! 
When I saw the print of this product I was sold. 
I didn't know exactly what the product was at first and I didn't really care ! 
As I read more, I came to find that not only did it have super cute leopard and hot pink print it was also reversible and filled with cooshie memory foam to cushion and support my baby girl!!
Here is a close up of the Cush'n Go 
This memory foam cushion is machine washable and compatible with most stroller harness systems.
I was surprised how simple and quick it was to add this onto our stroller. I wouldn't even use the word install  because it wasn't a hassle at all !
Sophia LOVES the pink side best I think. 

Probably because of how soft the minky like fabric is, she is a sucker for super soft fabrics ! And actually,  we used this while browsing the mall the other day and she passed out 2 minutes into our trip. 
YES ! 
That extra layer of cooshie comfy support is like sleepy dust and I like it !!
I think this would even be a great idea - not only for the support and comfort of your little munchkin - but to spruce up an older model stroller or perhaps that pre-owned Craigslist one you've been eyeballin'.

I am impressed with this product, from the fabric to the print and stitching - Baby BeeHaven gets an A + in my book.
You can read more about this and other Baby BeeHaven products by checking out there site, here. Or by visiting them on Facebook

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  1. How cute! I love having something to use a on secondhand stroller!
    (PS - Welcome to Social Fabric!)