Sunday, April 14, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls Review

First things first, Thank You to Woolzies for sending me this lovely product to try out and review for my amazing readers !
Woolzies Dryer Balls have to be not only the most useful laundry product I have used recently but also the most adorable! 
Made of 100% New Zealand Wool these balls are great for the environment, your pocket and your laundry . 
 Lets face it we all dread doing the laundry. It takes forever and then you have to fold everything which is a pain in the butt because all the sock are stuck inside all the pant legs.
The simple solution would be to use some sort of fabric softener or dryer sheet, but those can contain harmful chemicals and even totally cancel out a fabrics fire retardant properties !!
With Woolzies you don't have to worry about any of that! I keep and reuse 3 in my dryer and have noticed zero static, less wrinkles in Mikes work clothes (hey that means less ironing for me woo-hoo) and even a shorter drying period needed. So I'm actually saving even more money by using these because I am not only not purchasing expensive dryer sheets but also using LESS electric.

 Woolzies naturally soften clothes are virtually noise free and 100% safe for people with wool sensitivities.
 These hypoallergenic wool balls are soft yet not too squishy.
Another cool fact about these is that they are reusable up to 1,000 loads! If they get a bit too linty simply throw them in with your next load of laundry in the washer and dry along with the clothes to restore them back to basically new. The info card inside the box  said some lint on the balls actually helps the whole dry faster & de-static process. 
I am addicted to these and definetly recommend them to anyone who does laundry- which is basically all of you LOL !!

These are also totally 100% eco-friendly and are even handmade not mass produced by some machine!!
So save yourself the time, energy and money and make the switch over to Woolzies all natural Dryer Balls today !

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