Monday, April 8, 2013

Review of the NEW Hydra Recharge Hair Products by Garnier

I have been lucky enough to receive some awesome campaigns such as this one through the Word of Mouth site Bzzagent
This time I was sent the new line of hair cleansing products by Garnier Fructis. The Hydra Recharge shampoo and 2 types of conditioners are specially formulate for dry hair. I couldn't wait to get these in the mail because other than the super amazingly smelling Herbal Essence I have been using lately, see my review on them here, I have yet to find a shampoo and conditioner regime that I LOVE.
Infused with Super fruits, Goji berry, Passion fruit and Kiwi all 3 of these smell fantastic !!!

The shampoo has these little moisture beads that dissipate as you froth the jelly like formula. Even after several days of using just this line to cleanse my hair I didn't feel any build up or stickiness.

The regular conditioner (on the right) is a thicker consistency than what I normally expect from an everyday conditioner. I don't feel as though it did too much for my hair and actually started using the 1-Minute Moisture-Replenish Treatment (far left) everyday instead. The treatments formula is much lighter and I felt was easier to work into my hair and washed out quicker while also leaving my hair weightless and super soft !

I recommend you give these a try especially the 1-Minute Treatment and the Shampoo if you are looking for silkier and softer but still weightlessly light hair !!

Have you tried these yet ?? Did you like them ??

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