Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NEW Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil - Review

First things first, Thank You Bzzagent for sending this product to try out for free and review for my lovely readers !
Now for the nitty gritty
 This Garnier product is a multi-purpose actually a 3 in 1 purpose dry oil. Made to be used for your Hair, Body and even your Face ! Garnier has combined three weightless oils ( olive, avocado and shea ) to transform dry hair and skin. It is also specially formulated for everyday use.
What I liked about this product when applying it to my skin is that it  instantly absorbs with no oily residue. I am able to spray it on my legs and arm right out of the shower get dressed and jump into bed not sticky or greasy. 

I have not used this on my face but that's because my facial skin hates literally everything so I don't have any experience with this product in that sense.
As for my hair, compared to another Argan - dry oil I have tried and loved (my Nexxus oil) this has a much thinner consistency and is very greasy if actually sprayed directly onto the hair. I DO NOT recommend that you spray this product directly on your hair wet or dry ! I do however suggest that you spray one or two pumps into your hands, working it through your fingers and then lightly applying to the bottom half and ends of the hair. Doing this method on my own wet hair it instantly smoothed and detangled my crazy thick and long locks.

Finally I have to be honest I normal rave about how wonderful and fruity Garnier products smell. But unfortunately this oil is lacking in this department. Like I say in the video it sort of smells like bug spray, EK! Luckily the scent doesn't last long and I usually apply it before bed so it doesn't really bother me to much. Mike actually commented one night and said " what the heck are you putting on it smells" LOL ! Men !  

Let me know if you plan to try out this 3 in 1 product or if you have already in the comments below :-) 

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