Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Zaggora's Hot Pants Capris 2.0 Review

When I first saw what Zaggora was all about I said to myself "yea right". I mean really? How could a pair of capri's or a zip up jacket help me lose weight? Yes, I have heard of those silver sweat suits that you wear to lose some water weight and look like an alien doing it. However, I have come to discover - especially after getting to wear them a few times - that Zaggora is nothing like what I expected. I have been lucky enough to receive a pair of Zaggora's Hot Pants Capris 2.0 to try out and review for you guys!
What makes Zaggora's active wear work? That would be its Celu-Lite Technology. Which basically means it's made with multiple layers of fabric that harness your body's natural heat. This technology helps you burn extra calories during AND after your work out!
I have to say though, when I pulled the bottoms out of the packaging, I was a bit indifferent about them being such a different sort of fabric. Thicker than I had expected and sort of a neoprene like material. That all changed once I put them on though. Actually I was SUPER surprised at how cooshie and comfortable they were. I also like how they hold me in but not in a suffocating bulgy way. 
In all the times I've worn them (which has been a lot, I am pretty much obsessed now) I haven't suffered from any wedgies or slippage - you know when you start moving and your bottoms start slipping and sliding so you constantly have to pull them up? Not with these! After a while I totally forgot I was even wearing them and would go about my day/exercise like normal. I have even found myself wanting to wear them on my lazy days because of how comfy they are. 
The best part? 
So lets face it, these are made to make you sweat like crazy, right? You would expect to feel gross after a while or have "wet" spots on your bottom. But you don't, you don't even feel yourself sweating "down there" at all! The first time I wore my Hot Pants I had them on for about 3-4 hours and was surprised at how dry I felt. That was until I went to go to the bathroom and when removing my pants was soaked in lovely calorie expelling sweat. I totally took a shower after that LOL! But this meant to me that they were working and working awesomely well!

The only thing that I would change about these bottoms would be the material on the inner thighs. I have a set of tree trunk thighs that touch when I walk and with the silkiness of its outer layer make a swishie sound while doing so. 

On a last note it is no secret that I am not a skinny mini so when I saw they offered sizes extra small to extra extra large I had to bust out the measuring tape to see which size would be the best fit for me. To give you an idea I am about 180lb and a size 14 (barf) <- considering I used to be a size 6 but anyways the bottoms I am wearing in these pictures are a size Large and fit perfectly. 
 They fit like a glove and yet didn't bunch up uncomfortably or slid down at all!
Me trying to be cool 
What kind of "cool" moves will you do in your Zaggora Hot Pants ?


  1. Great review, thanks so much, I was wondering how they actually worked.

  2. Great workout pants, can't wait to get a pair. I'll wear mine to do yoga and pilates.

  3. Great workout pants, can't wait to get a pair. I'll wear mine to do yoga and pilates.