Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Sole Society Order Just Arrived !!

If you follow along with my blog then you may have seen this post about how I won a few different prizes from Influenster. (Which again email me and I will send you my referral link so you can sign up too) Well anyways, one of the prizes happened to be a $50 Gift Card to Sole Society
I actually couldn't decide at first what to get - hence this post - which thank you for your help btw you are a wonderful group of readers!!
We eventually all basically agreed that the more modest pair of sandals which get more wear and use out of them than the super adorable wedges we were all drooling over.
Here is what they look like fresh out of the box 
Beautiful gems ~ crystals which are sewn onto a mesh then onto the strap to keep them all nice, firm and neat.
I did notice that this one had quite the gash in it and not a scratch it is broken threw on the one side of the blemish.
I wouldn't normally mind since no one will see it but I worry that after wearing them for a while this tear will grow and render them useless. I emailed the company today to see what they can do. I honestly don't really want to send them back and wait for another pair - partly just because I really do like them & like to have things right now. Plus know it'll take me forever to get to the post office to send it back to them. I will keep y'all updated.

I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these actually are. The bottoms of the sandal are quite cooshie ! 

Since I had a 20% off coupon (sign up with this link HERE and you will get a 20% off coupon emailed to you too !!) 
I went ahead and picked up this bright blue across the body bag.
It is not something I would normally pick out to be honest. The only other color they had in this more affordable style was brown and I have been trying to break out of my gray-black-white-brown neutral whole and accessorize with some funky pieces. 
The outer shell fabric is soft and durable.

This inner lining is a sort of suede like fabric. Very soft, but I am afraid that with my handling it may not hold up too long. It has several compartments and everything zippers and magnetically closes for extra security. 
Who hasn't dropped their purse while walking in a parking lot and literally everything in your bag falls out ?!
But yet again I found this stitch blemish on the bags strap :(
I have yet to go out on an outing with my new bag and am still a bit iffie on it.

So, what do you guys think about Sole Society?
Am I being a baby about these imperfections or would you feel a bit disappointed too ? 

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  1. For the string blemish on the purse, take a lighter to it long enough to singe it. It'll crystallize and avoid feature threads from coming out.