Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Favorite Color For Spring 2013 Is ... ??

 I guess that wasn't to difficult to guess for you guys, hu? 
I mean think about it - it is basically my two favorite colors all in one :-)
Orange & Pink 
When I saw this dress it instantly reminded me of the sleeveless tank I fell in love with but didn't buy at Kohl's last week - totally kicking myself now !!
Isaac Mizrahi Colorblock Tie Sheath Dress $45

LOVE these dresses
From tailored to flirty I think coral can pull it all off.
Dex Ruffle Sleeve Dress $29
I have been seeing the term "Coral Crush" being thrown around a lot lately around the inter web fashion world too.
For example check out Ellie's new line of fashionable yet comfortable athletic pieces.
 Ellie (if you aren't familiar with the brand) offers women a chic new line in women's fitness apparel. Plus click HERE and you will Save 20% on your order - how can you beat that ? sexy yet functional heck yea. I actually own a pair of their black capris and a black cross backed support tank. I will have to do a review post shortly and show you guys, but I will tell you right now they are sooo soft and comfortable !! I only wish I would have waited to get a coral pair ;-) They are totally worth the price!
and lastly 
This color / texture and layering combo has stolen my heart !!!!
I found this look on Looksima, a super fun & interactive site - sort of like Pinterest but when you find something you like, it actually connects you right to where you can purchase it ! Awesome feature !!
See my full post on Looksima, HERE.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite go to look/style/color is for Spring ...

20 percent of Ellie

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