Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Maybe I Should Play The Lottery Today ?

Holy Moly guys ! 
Today has been my day apparently! I have won 4 of the I think 6 possible VoxBox Badge winnings !! See guys it really does pay off to stay involved with these sites and enter their badge giveaways. I have won I believe 2 others from Influenster in the past too !! If you need an invite / referral to join Influenster shoot me an email I have some referral spots for my team still available . - 

Keep on entering ladies and the universe will notice :-) 

Just in this past month I have won several giveaways...a FunBites one, a candle from Good Neighbors Candles, a gift card to Piggy Paint, a $5 GC to Amazon and a baggie full of beauty goodies from an awesome blogger !

Here is some of the stuff I won from Influenster : 
1 Goody Doublewear Ponytailer / Bracelet
1 Goody Ribbon Elastics Hair Bands
$50 credit to Sole Society

One imPRESS Color Kit
One Kiss Nail Dress
and  a gift from NYC Cosmetics 

Have you won anything lately ?? 
I have quite a few Live Giveaways going on right now - click the giveaway tab at the top of the blog and enter some. Hey you could actually win I know it !!!


  1. It's the name of the boxes you could qualify for with influenster ... I'm on my phone or I would link you but if u search influenster on my blog I have a few posts about it :-) and if u need an invite referral feel free to email me