Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to : Spruce Up Your Pedicure
 What you are going to need :

  1. Scissors - the smaller they are the easier it is -at least for me - 
  2. 2 of your fav nail polishes 
  3. Tweezers - Just a junk pair will do, these will help you remove the striping tape.
  4. Striping tape - you can pick these up super cheap on Amazon - I got mine HERE
 The step by step pictures below are pretty explanatory but I do have some helpful tips for success !
My tips for success-

  1.  Make sure that the base coat (mine is coral) is TOTALLY dry before doing anything further
  2. This was my first time ever using striping tape and though intimidating at first was way easier than I thought. Expect some more striping tape looks in the near future.
  3. Remove the tape with tweezers before the top polish dries and before it is even tacky. That way the tape doesn't pick up any half dry top polish with it and risk leaving gloppy stringy's behind. 
  4. When removing the tape remove the last piece you placed onto the nail first. I have a horrible memory so what I did was make each piece I placed downs 'tail' a little longer each time so it was a no brainer when it came to removing it.
  5. Also when removing the tape - make sure to gentle peel it off in the direction the line goes for the cleanest line. 
  6. Do one foot at a time. I also found it was easier for me to remove the tape starting with my pinky toe.
Let me know what you think in the comments below 
Would LOVE to see your recreations :-)
I grabbed my inspiration for this look from this post by The Nailasaurus.

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