Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to Save Money on Highend and Drugstore Makeup - A MUST Read

I just watched this fantastic video done by Melissa aka Melmphs on YouTube, actually I think I have watched just about all of her videos because I am totally obsessed!! Seriously, check her out and subscribe, I know you will love her too! Meanwhile, check this video out, she has great tips on how to build your makeup collection while still staying on budget.

My little extra tip : Do things like sign up for FREE sites such as - Swagbucks , Expotv,  Mypoints & EBates . All these sites either give you money back on your purchases or you earn point super easy to cash in for gift cards ! Dude basically a free gift card to Sephora ?? Heck yea ! Also I have twice now used the phone app WRAPP (see posts HERE & HERE) to get FREE and basically FREE items at Sephora !

It is possible girls !! 

Actually funny story I just used a coupon at Victoria's Secret I think on Thursday and picked up their new The Naked palette which is their version of Urban Decays Naked palettes. Well let me tell you it is normally $28 - I used a $10 off coupon and got it for $19 and change after tax !! The shadows are twice the size super pigmented (I'll do a tutorial/review post soon) and I got an amazing deal on it !

Don't get me wrong I am a frugal drug store girl all the way but I'll be honest I have been so tempted lately to finding and trying highend dupes or actually save for highend products. That second, almost free purchase at Sephora, was my very first highend product purchase, mind you its a deluxe sample size but hey I'm getting to try it out before I purchase the regular sized one!

OK watch Melissa's video let me know what you think, what your beauty saving tips are :-) 

* Update : Another great way to save on highend products, I have found, is taking advantage of Amazon. 

-I got this Original Beauty Blender for only $15 and change !
Originally $20

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  1. I have found, as you did, that when you spend more you get more. So I completely agree with you that when you buy kits you can get a good discount.