Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Have Troubles Sleeping? Check Out This NO Meds Method !!
A good friend of mine wrote this awesome post about how to kick the night time craziness that goes on in our heads and keeps us up randomly well into the night. I haven't tried it yet myself but she swears by it and I WILL be picking up these items next time I am at Fry's or CVS.

I am currently taking Temazepam an hour or so before I want to fall asleep but feel that maybe I am immune to it now ? because all it does is give me crazy dreams when I finally fall asleep.

So try this out, let me know what you do to help yourself turn off your brain and fall asleep and STAY asleep !! I want to hear from YOU !!

Check Me Out: No sleepy meds for this girl!

Thank you Ellie !!

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