Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Doomsday Preppers - Are You One ?

Have you watched this show before ?
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 I know Mike and i have gotten sucked into watching like 4 episodes in a row before ;-) - same thing happens to us with Duck Dynasty too - If you haven't watched it before it is a TV series revolved around families who prep for the end of the world. 

I actually find their tactics quite fascinating but usually a bit too extreme for the us or even (I think) the 'normal' family. However, Mike and I banded together and comprised what preppers call a Bug Out Bag. Which includes non-expiring essentials - just in case we ever needed to leave the house due to an emergency, natural disaster or of course if the zombie apocalypse ensues. More than likely we will never even need this bag but it is nice to know/ gives us peace of mind that we do have it ready. 
One of the most recent pieces of equipment we have added to our kit is the SpareOne Emergency Phone. Sent to me to review I am really glad it was because this was something we hadn't even thought of when putting our kit together !! 

 Fully submersible in water, a talk through the bag and a 15 yr (unused) battery life the SpareOne Emergency Phone has all the newest technology and yet simplicity needed for when disaster strikes.
 I remember my childhood in NY it would basically rain and our power would go out. 
For us we don't get many natural disasters here in AZ, but y'all in Kansas and those back east are constantly getting some sort of crazy weather. Whether it be floods, tornadoes to a massive Nor-Eastern snow storm; once the power goes out your line of communication with rescue groups and most importantly loved ones is totally lost!  
The Facts: 

  • One of its best features is that it is a waterproof bag!! Float-able and submersible.
  • Has a talk-through containment 
  • Up to 10 hours* of talk time means you have plenty of connectivity hours to last you your whole trip on one battery. 
  • Keeps its charge for up to 15 years* SpareOne can hold its charge, if unused, for up to 15 years*. Battery included.* Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91™
  • Extreme weather operating range (-22F to 140F) is far greater than that of a smartphone which provides you a communication lifeline when all else is potentially destroyed.
  • One-touch, large emergency services button is ideal for daily emergency and medical situations, no SIM required.
  • Easily pre-program 9 important numbers and document on menu sticker provided.
  • LED Torchlight on top providing up to 24 hours of continuous light makes this phone several tools in one. This is a cool extra feature !
  • Auto text reply means that if anyone sends you a text, SpareOne will reply with an automatic text response informing them that you cannot read text messages and can be reached via phone calls instead.
The Facts section above references information off the bag itself and to the Spare One Site.

Don't get stuck without communication and pick up your own SpareOne here. Live Prepared.  

Are you a Doomday Prepper ??


  1. Very nice post Michelle, I think every household needs one of these SpareOne phones. You never know?

  2. Awesome Post!!!! No household is complete without a SpareOne phone.

  3. Thank you for posting about SpareOne. BugOut Bag is a great idea!