Friday, March 8, 2013

Twin Z Pillow FREE Blogger Event Sign Up

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Welcome to the Twin Z Pillow giveaway event!
One winner is going to receive a twin z pillow and cover (RV $99.99)
I am searching for a group of fellow mommy bloggers that would like to participate in promoting this amazing product!
You will receive a free Facebook or Twitter link with announcement post, or a $5 entry fee:
Cohost: $10. Host a page and have up to four links on the rafflecopter
Extra links: $2 each (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or email)
Host pages: $5
Daily Vote Links: $4 each
Please send payment as a gift to
Upon signing up for this event, you agree to promote 4x a week
Sign up HERE
Find the announcement post HERE
The blogger that refers the most people to this event will win a cohost spot!!!
Feel free to grab the event button below!
Miss Frugal Mommy
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