Friday, March 1, 2013

Sparkle Me Pink FREE Blogger Opp

Hey y'all is it time again for another awesome giveaway from Sparkle Me Pink. This time SMP is giving away an adorable FunBites product that your readers kids would love to own !! So sign up today. Space is limited. First link is FREE. Every link after that is $2. BUT with that $2 you will receive not only an extra link on the Rafflecopter but when the giveaway goes live you will also receive the rafflecopter code for your readers to enter AND comment right on your site. Talk about an awesome traffic opportunity right ?  

HERE is the link to the Google sign up form.
(or just sign up below it's all the same)

Blogger recruitment ends March 10th. Giveaway will run March 11th thru the 25th

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