Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Another awesome Bzzagent campaign.
As you guys know, I am a coffee freak. Especially since getting my Keurig at Christmas time. Now these Nescafe's are not you normal coffee, they are better !  I love how easy these are to use. Similar to making a hot chocolate you simply put the powder in your mug, add hot water, and stir it up a bit blending the mixer to a perfectly frothy light and satisfying coffee shop worthy beverage. The Bzz kit came with 3 full sizes boxes one in each of their flavors; Cappuccino, Mocha and Caramel.http://sparklemepink88.blogspot.com/2013/03/nescafe-memento-review.html
 Each box comes with 8 packets that look like this.
I have tried all three several times so I have a pretty good sense of which I like and don't enjoy as much . My favorite of the three was by far the Mocha one ! Better than the Cafe Escapes even !!! Your get a light hint of the coffee but the bulk of the taste is similar to that of hot choco. My next fav would be the cappuccino. This one frothed up very well and is perfect on mornings I want to feel a little fancy- even though its the flavor that makes me feel fancy haha ! My least favorite is the caramel. While is smells amazing when brewing the water into it, I just could not fall in love with this one. I tried everything from adding some ice cubes to some milk anything to make it a bit more appealing to me, but it just didn't do it for me. Actually all 3 times I tried it I couldn't even suck it up and finish the mug of it. Ended up dumping more than half of it each time, such a waste. So hey if you like it and live by me you are more than welcome to them !! I am not normally a fan of caramel in general anyways. 
This left picture is of the Mocha - the lightest in the middle is the Caramel and all the way right and super frothy is the Cappuccino

Over all I definitely recommend these mixers ! They really do give you that specialty, coffee shop grade feel and flavor. Especially the Mocha one :-) 


  1. So I totally changed my mind about this! I didn't care much for the mocha at first taste BUT. The cappuccino one is really good!

  2. So I totally changed my mind about this! I didn't care much for the mocha at first taste BUT. The cappuccino one is really good!

    1. I put a little , very little , hot choco in the cappuccino one and Mmmmmm sooooo goooooood

  3. I added French vanilla coffee creamer ;)