Thursday, March 28, 2013

My New "Pinterest" For Fashion - Looksima

Guys and Gals, I have a new obsession for you !!
 I stumbled across this site today and I will warn you it is seriously just as addictive as Pinterest ! 
To start simply sign up (its FREE - of course) and take a short, fun style quiz. After the quiz it takes you to your own personalized style board with looks and inspiration ideas tailored to your individual style. 
My quiz results revealed that I am 57% Girly,  21% Classy, & 21% Boho. 
I think that is a pretty dang good assessment of who I am, don't you think ? 
I feel like I have my own stylist. 

Here is some of the looks from my personalized style board that I am LOVING !!

There is also the option to choose the exact look you are going for, think - evening, date night, casual, business, sport and several others. PLUS when you find a piece or a whole look that you love Looksima has the price and where - how to purchase that must have item(s). 
'LOOKSIMA stands for Looks I Most Adore. Our mission is to provide professional and affordable stylist services to a wide audience. We achieve this by applying a very unique concept: we define your style and ask our stylists to recommend looks for you for all kinds of occasions based on your style profile. You can then buy what you like by clicking on the direct links provided next to each look, which take you to the store selling the items.'
If you want to know what to wear to a party or a business meeting, or simply want to look stylish, LOOKSIMA is the right place for you! 
 Let me know if you sign up and use this amazing style site I mean its FREE and totally fun. 
Try it and you will love it!

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  1. Well I'm not one who is really into fashion but I figured I'd give it a try. The quiz told me that I'm 38% Girly, 31% Classy, and 31% Edgy. I guess that's fairly balanced. LOL - but seriously, I'm a total jeans and T-shirt person. I don't wear make-up, I don't paint my nails, and I just wear flats. But the quiz didn't really allow for those styles. I saw there was a "jeans" category but when I clicked on it - it looked like all the others. They really need to have a more laid back look that has style. Y'know some fancied up jeans and T-shirts. ;-)

    1. I agree I am a girly girl but I am a yoga pant wearing mom 99% of the time LOL ;-)

  2. It looks like a fun site. I am not very much into fashion, but it seems like a nice place to learn a few things.