Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Full Face / Acne Coverage - Get Ready With Me Video

Thank goodness for makeup right ?! 
I am not perfect and of course not a makeup artist but I think I do an alright job with covering up my spots. I - like you - am still and will probably always be learning new tips and tricks. My hope is that you click away having learned something new through my videos and blog posts. Maybe even feel a bit better about yourself or just simply put a smile on your face with how goofy and awkward I am :-) 

<3 my Sparkle fans !!!

Sibu products used - 
Daytime Facial Cream
Age Defying Eye Cream

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is adorable! Watching this video now :D

  2. So I'm not the only 25 year old mama that still gets break outs, lol!!?? Great video, thanks for all the wonderful tips :-)

    1. You are not alone by far girly :-)

      I have to say I filmed this like a week ago and have continued to used my Sibu products and my skin is sooo smooth I'm addicted !! Totally worth it , plus a little goes a long way .

  3. I noticed something:)?? You (or your relatives) will have noticed a symmetrical, smooth swelling in the front of your neck. You may have had it for some years but thought it was just 'puppy fat'. . It is not tender, however, and does not usually cause difficulty in swallowing but you may experience a tight sensation in your neck.It isn't normally a problem appearance-wise -- quite the opposite as far as some people are concerned. For example, the great seventeenth and eighteenth century artists often added a goitre to the female figure to enhance her beauty!

    1. On a few, but I am not 100% positive

    2. It's true I have 3 thyroid nodules one , the largest , is right on the lower front right on my tracia ? It's quite large . I've had several fine needle biopsys done on them and radioactive testing but they either came back negative or inconclusive. I take synthroid to help with my levels :-) I didn't think anyone could see them, but that's cool and observant of you ! Thank you for worrying about me :-) on days im stressed out or anxious it aches me a lot n I do feel it when I swallow but its not worth the surgury risks I think for me right now .
      - be well :-) Michelle

  4. Thanks for be so honest.
    I wrote my research paper on toxin-induced thyroid problems and reviewed a lot of literature on thyroid nodule work-up subject.
    So would like to share some info I learned:
    • If person has normal or low T4 levels, the radioactive scan is not needed; “cold” nodules are not more cancerous that the so called “warm” ones
    • It is difficult to get a good specimen from nodules that are has internal blood flow, in fact, the blood in a sample displaces colloid leading to wrong diagnosis
    • Some labs are doing Afirma molecular testing if the specimen is indeterminate.
    • Ask the doctor if they can use ethanol injections to shrink the nodules
    In my opinion you should do the video about thyroid awarenes.
    Many patients who will watch are well educated and can recommend the right doctor (learned it at my own!)
    Best wishes to you!!!