Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CVS BB Cream & Anti-Dark Circle Roller - Review
This past week I have given the CVS Brand - BB Cream & Anti-Dark Circle Roller a try.

 Sadly, I'm not sure I am totally satisfied with them :( .
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The BB Cream
It is very light weight, silky smooth and goes on/blends in very well. With a light scent, sort of summery and fruity. The problem I have with the CVS Brand BB Cream is that it doesn't help mattify my face. Shine peaks through after wearing it for a little bit and I have to touch up with a powder. The problem with this is you can only do this maybe once without looking dry and caked/packed on. I need something that is for oily / combo skin.
The other issue I have with it is the color. Although it is labeled as light/medium is a bit to dark for me. and sort or orange. Now I can sit there and really buff it in and make sure I don't have a line of demarcation but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose? BB creams are supposed to enhance your natural beauty not make it more difficult to wear makeup. It did also oxidized - meaning it got a bit darker and oranger as it dried on my skin - not good for the un-tan pasty whitey I am right now ;-)

If this came in a fair/light I think I would like it better. 

I am pretty stoked in light of trying this one first to try the new Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream. The Garnier one is geared towards those who have combo/oily ... see more info in my blog post HERE .

Have your tried BB Creams before ? This the the first one I have tried ... which is your favorite ? 

The Anti-Dark Circle Roller
The product comes out very sparingly off the metal roller ball onto your delicate under eyes. The cool metal is refreshing. The coverage is thin and very light. It smooths in silky and leaves an almost primed surface for the next layer of coverage with a concealer. I use my ring fingers to lightly blend the formula in. I feel that it does what it says it will do which is : minimize but not totally cover the appearance of dark circles, helps to conceal imperfections and brighten skin tone and is infused with caffeine lemon essence and mineral pigments. Do I feel like is helps with eye puffiness ? eh slightly.
I'm not sure what it is exactly that has me hesitant to love this product, because right now I just like it, its O.k. I mean, I've been using it everyday since I got it though. Maybe it is because I have used the Garnier version of this and that one is much thicker and gives more coverage?? BUT the Garnier one being that it is thicker does not blend in or feel as silky smooth as the CVS one does . I have a harder time building up coverage on top of the Garnier version than the CVS version

What do you guys think ?
I am going to have a Girl Chat / Get Ready With Me video up this week where I use this CVS BB Cream and eye roller in it. That way you can see the color of the product and how it blends / wears on me. :-)


  1. I really need that dark circle roller...late nights are starting to catch up with me :-0

    1. I do like it !! Wish it had a sniffed more coverage but overall its super refreshing and leaves a nice, and smother surface

  2. It's strange that BB creams don't come in a wider variety of shades. I got a sample of Dr. Jart black label and loved it except it was SO light on me - I had to wear bronzer on top or else I looked like a ghost. I wanted to buy a cheaper alternative, so I got the CVS one. I liked the quality of Dr. Jart better, but the CVS shade works so much better with my skin tone!

    1. I am so pale right now maybe I should look into the Dr. Jart hehe

  3. Never tried before thanks for the discovery