Monday, March 4, 2013

Building A Quality Makeup Kit

Building A Quality Makeup Kit
Your makeup kit will be one of the most distinctive possessions you ever own.  Often, the creation of a personal makeup kit is the result of many years’ experimentation with different products; you probably have several items that you bought and used once or twice right alongside the items that you use every day.  It’s worth making the effort to create a kit that’s full of useful, high quality items.  But how should you get started?

Step One: Start Cleaning!
1.       Get rid of old, damaged, used up, and unwanted cosmetics and beauty items.  You’ll be surprised at how much space you clear out!
2.       Clean the container you use to store your make-up, brushes, and related supplies.  A little dish soap and warm water will cut through any accumulated grease and grime.
3.       Clean each makeup brush and all the other items you’re keeping.  If you don’t have any brush cleaner, make sure to purchase that the next time you buy beauty products.  Brush cleaner and conditioner is inexpensive and will help prolong the useful life of your brushes.
4.       Remove all the unrelated items from your kit.  It’s not unusual to find hair pins, coins, and pieces of jewelry hidden under all your make up
Step Two: Pick and Choose
1.       Assess the products left after the cleaning process is complete.  Do you have unnecessary duplicate items?  Are there colors you’re ambivalent about?  These items take up space that could be used by items that you actually like and use on a regular basis. 
2.       Make a shopping list.  Your assessment will tell you what you need and don’t need to buy.  Prioritize your list and, if possible, write down the retail outlets you’ll need to visit to purchase your preferred makeup brands.
3.       Be choosy at the makeup counter.  You just got rid of several items so don’t be in a hurry to bring home lots of new stuff!  Select only the items you know you’ll be using most often.

A Few Words on Brushes
Brushes are a primary part of every makeup kit though their selection and care remains a mystery to many.  Here’s what you need to know.
·         Makeup brushes are made of either natural or synthetic fibers.  Neither material is inherently superior; high quality brushes are distinguished by the quality of the fibers, the way their packed, and how well they’re shaped, not necessarily by what they’re made of.  Most inexpensive brushes will be made of synthetic fibers only while higher end brushes may be made of either material.
·         Look for high quality brushes.  Poorly made implements can be harder to use, will wear out quickly, and aren’t able to deliver the results you want.  It’s better to spend a few extra dollars on something that will last for a long time.
·         Keep your brushes clean!  As was mentioned above, brush cleaner is inexpensive and easy to use.  This cleaning fluid is designed to gently remove grease, oil, and makeup from deep inside the brush head.  Most of these cleaners have conditioning ingredients to preserve the fibers once they’re cleaned.  Cleaning brushes with regular hand or dish soap isn't recommended; the detergents in these soaps are harsher and so can dry the bristles of your favorite brush.

Creating a quality makeup kit depends on choosing the most useful items; this rule isn't limited just to makeup, either.  Make sure that you think about your brushes as integral part of your kit and give them as much care and attention as you do to the rest.

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