Friday, March 1, 2013

Being An Axe Angel

Hey guys hope you are having a fabulous Friday . Wanted to let y'all know I won't be around to much tomorrow I took on a random job/event actually. I got a phone call about 2 weeks ago from a marketing company who had gotten my information from Shadow Shopper ( here is my referral link so you can join as well, it's free of course - ) and she offered me a job being an Axe Angel representative. I thought it was pretty neat. I have been trying to work on my social anxiety issues since being laid off from my last job which was about a year ago now. This is the first job I have been confident enough to accept, which I thought was funny since I didn't directly apply for the position. I liked that it is not every weekend, the job / event is 5 Saturdays throughout the year. 

What the rep said to me : to be an AXE Angel model, you must be attractive, outgoing, playful, and full of charisma; you must exude confidence; and must have promotional modeling talent abilities. - I had to submit a few easy forms online and head shots to be officially accepted for the position. But still I hope they aren't too shocked at getting a mom of two that's fluffy and not a 6 ft 2 anorexic model LOL . 

So basically this is what I will be doing tomorrow at my local Walmart ...
It looks like Axe is coming out with a new line of face and shaving grooming products. I will be informing customers of the new products and handing out *coupons* wooo hoo :-) Who doesn't like coupons ???? See here to find out if your local store is participating in this event :

More info on the products themselves here .

Have you gotten jobs through Shadow Shopper before ? or another marketing company like it ? 

Wish me luck !!!

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