Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bargain Haul - Kick of to Spring

 I got to do a little mommy alone time shopping yesterday and am so excited to share what I picked up!

The 2 big candles and Cashmere are from Bath and Body Works. They came out with the Peach Bellini scent for Christmas but sold out before I could pull the trigger to spend that kind of money on candles. thankfully they re-released the scent but in a peach color (the first version was ivory) I then asked the associate who was helping me to pick out the metal candle holder if their were any current coupons and she offered if I spent $10 or more to get a free lotion or body wash. Woo hoo !! Plus the candles were 2 for $22 !! I also picked up some antibacterial refills and a silver sparkle gummy holder to attach to my purse. So for $33.00 I was able to get 5 anti-bact refills, the holder, the metal candle holder, two large candles and a body lotion. Not bad if you ask me :-)
I have to admit I don't think I have purchased anything from BNBW since I lived in NY !http://sparklemepink88.blogspot.com/2013/03/bargain-haul-kick-of-to-spring.html
In this close up you get a closer peak to the adorable print of the FREE panties I picked up at Victoria's Secret. I received that coupon/card in the mail. 
Then at Sephora, which I have only ever purchased one thing from there before, I picked up a travel size of the Urban Decays Makeup Setting Spray in All Nighter. I have heard some good things about this spray that it keeps you matte all day and preserves your makeup through the heat and sweat of the  summer. I am skeptical but figured I got a good deal on it so if I don't like it then it won't feel like too much of a loss. Before I get into how I did the deal lemme tell you that the full sized bottle is about $30, um... yea... for a magical mist... that has some major claims, no way I am spending $30 on something I don't know that works. 

Which leads me to Wrapp !  Long story short, Wrapp is a phone app were you use social media to share gift cards for free to random stores and friends can return the favor and send you gift cards. I have gotten the $5 Sephora one twice now. Spread out but you can't use them together anyways, but hey $5 is $5 ! 
You can see the last fabulous Sephora deal I did HERE.
So to break it down - the sample size was $14 then with my Wrapp phone app $5 giftcard I paid $9 oop to be able to give this baby a try.  
Much better than $30 or even the $14 :-)

I used the spray this morning its got a light scent and just felt like I spritzed water on my face but it quickly dried/absorbed. I've had it on for a few hours now and to be honest and not as shiny as I normally get by this point in the day. I will try it a few more times though and give y'all a full report soon.
 At CVS I used the coupon I received in the mail from Suave through a Facebook promo to get the Everlasting Sunshine for FREE
I also grabbed two items that I have been eyeballin for a while the Renewing anti-dark circle roller in light/medium and Renewing BB Cream in light/medium. Both run $9.99 but this week some CVS brand products are buy one get one 50% off.  Plus each had a tear off peelie coupon on it for $2 off, I then used a $5 ECB and got both for $6 oop!!
 When I opened the eye roller box this morning a sample of the BB Cream popped out (awesome) so I used that but having never used a BB Cream before I pushed out what I though would be a perfect amount. WELL I was wrong ! It is an understatement with the BB Cream, a little goes a long way, opps!  I did find it to be a bit dark for me, perhaps it is because I put about 2 dollops too much on LOL !! It does have a lovely fresh beachy summer scent to it which I like. 
As for the eye roller in comparison to the Garnier one (which I have owned for a while now) the CVS formula is very, very thin. BUT it goes on very creamy and silky leaving a nice base / primer for under eye concealer. 
I will try both of these a few more times and get back to you guys. 
Lastly I stopped off at Ulta to use my Level 1 Rewards coupon. With a Level 1 reward I could get one free Ulta nail polish or shampoo or conditioner or I think one other thing? I didn't see anything that jumped out at me nail polish wise on this trip but that is probably because I had already fallin in love with this headband by Capelli New York. Perfectly dainty and just hippie enough for me :-) Today I was in a bun mood and actually double wrapped this around the base of my bun for a super fun flowery look.  As for the deal, the headband is normally $10 on sale 25% off to $7.xx and with the $5 from my Level 1 certificate I paid $2.xx for this little pretty . 
 Here are some close up of my gorgeous candle holder and fav new scent Peach Bellini. 
Perfect for spring !!

What have you bought for yourself lately ?? We all need a little splurge on ourselves every once in a while. Yes I consider this whole trip a splurge haha !

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