Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Liebster Award !

The Liebster Award !

 I was nominated for The Liebster Award by a very sweet blogger named Julia at

The Liebster award is passed on through bloggers with under 200 GFC followers and helps to promote their blogs. 

Here are the rules:

1. Those who are nominated must link back the person who nominated them.
2. Once nominated, you must write 11 random facts about yourself.
3. You must also answer the 11 questions from the person that has nominated you.  
4. Come up with 11 questions to ask the 11 people you have nominated for the award

Here are some random facts about me-
  1. I am from New York
  2. I have 2 younger sisters
  3. I have a HUGE sweet tooth
  4. My fav color is orange and pink
  5. I met my best friend in the bathroom 
  6. People used to call me Bunny 
  7. I have only had short hair twice in my life (meaning once when I was born and twice being 2 years ago-short qualifying as anything shorter then my boobies) 
  8. Eight is my fav number
  9. When I first met my hubby I was supposed to hate him
  10. My first job was being a server at a diner 
  11. I drink 2 cups of coffee a day 

Here are the questions Julia has asked me to answer:

1. What is your favorite vacation spot?
   New York for sure, that is where all my family is 
2. Do you like to bake?
   YES !!
3. Who is your hero or who do you admire?
   My mom, she is the strongest smartest woman I know 
4. What's your favorite dessert?
   I have to chose one ?? OK, Tiramisu
5. What's your favorite TV show?
   Again I have to choose only one ?? Probably Banshee 
6. Do you have a hobby?
   My blog, makeup, couponing, crafting
7.  Have any pets?
   Yes, one dog and one fish
8. What's your favorite season?
    Anytime it is not 120 degrees !!
9. Do you like to read?
   I wish I had more time to, I try to read in bed, then wake up at 2 am with my glasses on LOL
10. Do you have children?
   Yes, two little munchkins
11. What product can't you live without?
   My cell phone !

My nominees are:

Here are my questions for my nominees-

  1. Where were you born ? 
  2. Favorite food ?
  3. Do you eat breakfast ?
  4. How long have you been blogging ?
  5. What states have you been to ?
  6. Are you a flip flop or sneaker lover ?
  7. How many nail polishes do you own ?
  8. Have you ever been on a tropical vacation or cruise ?
  9. Favorite color ?
  10. Have you ever been naked in public ? (Streaked a football game? LOL)
  11. Are you a lip stick or lip gloss lover ?
Feel free to tag me back this is fun ! <3 


  1. You sound a lot like me! I am from NY too. I have lived her all my life. I love to bake, and as far as sweets go, I have never found one I didn't love! I made Tiramisu for my daughter's birthday.

    1. Nice ! I am from the Hudson Valley ... no where too cool. ahhh I dream of tiramisu !

  2. Congrats on the award
    check out my cath kidston giveaway

  3. I also nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog check it out

  4. Thank you for the nomination Michelle, I have done it once before and have been nomited again,twice in 24hrs so I will answer yours and the other one in one post :) Thank you again!
    Sarah xx