Monday, February 4, 2013

My Super Bowl Sunday Shopping Trip

Last night Mike and the kids went to a Super Bowl party so I took advantage of the alone time and did some shoppin. First up was Target.

Beauty wise I picked up some eyelashes by E.L.F. ($1), Revlon waterproof mascara for my mom on clearance for $3.48 and I had a $1 off Q, E.L.F Kabuki Brush ($6) this is sooooo super soft a bit dense but beyond soft, Revlon ColorStay palette in 500 Addictive ($4.99 after Q) and a clearance Sonya Kashuk Palette normally $14 for $7.14. I have never tried her products before. 
I am wearing her palette today and they are very soft and super blendable, especially over the primer that was included. 

I also got somethings for my Sophia. She is turning 2 tomorrow and has been asking me to go potty! I haven't pushed her or even brought up going on the potty but she seems pretty persistent.

I also picked up a pair of skinny jeans in this deep blue print. Haven't tried them on yet so not sure if they are keepers. They were $8 originally $30 !

You can see what I got at CVS here 

Lastly I decided to pop into Kohl's since I didn't like any of the clothes Target had to offer and picked up these two set. Little yoga short and the other ones are capris ! How fricken adorable. She loves owls (atleast it kind of looks like one) and butterflies so these are perfect.

Hello Kitty purse on clearance for $4 

I make all of Sophia and I head pieces but these were too cute and cheap to pass up ! 


  1. Great deals! I LOVE that headband!

    Stopping by from the bloggymoms blog hop! You have an adorable blog!


    1. I know right and for $0.80 I couldnt resist LOL , So glad to have you stop by will check yours out now :-)

  2. Oh my gosh I freaking LOVE going shopping by myself!!! LOL, when I was younger I only wanted to go with friends, and when we got married I always begged hubby to come, it's like going to a spa if I'm *alone!!* And congrats on your girl *asking to go potty!!! Every parent's dream!