Monday, February 25, 2013

Kroger Simple Truth Products - Review
One of my most recent campaigns with Bzzagent has been with a newer company named Simple Truth by Kroger. Simple Truth is explained as a company where 'All items are free from 101 artificial preservatives and ingredients so you can feel better about the delicious food you serve your loved ones. With a full line of products from meat and produce to dairy and canned goods, you’ll find Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic exclusively at the Kroger Family of Grocery Stores.'

As a mom I am always on the hunt for better, healthier alternatives of the products and foods that we already enjoy. I think I have found it with Simple Truth.

In my kit I received: 12 oz. bottle of Simple Truth soda
-One Simple Truth health and wellness bar
-Coupon for one Free bag of Simple Truth frozen fruit
-Coupon for one Free bag of Simple Truth veggie chips
-Coupon for one Free Simple Truth almond milk

I will go through and review each of these individually below. I also purchased a few other Simple Truth items as well and will share what I think about those too. Try not to drool to much while reading ! :-)

The first thing I tried was the Simple Truth health and wellness bar. Mine came in the flavor Fudge Graham. Now I made the mistake of opening the bar with both children in the room, so of course I had to share...boooo...inevitably I came to regret that decision because this bar was delicious. While most nutrition or granola type bars are sticky or super dry, this was neither. Covered in a light glaze of milk chocolate this delectable bar gives off a perfectly slight indication of cinnamon - which baffled me at first because I hadn't read the name of the bar before biting into it and I couldn't figure out what the spice was that I was getting that slight hint of, duh ! Overall, I enjoyed it! These bars would be great for those afternoons when you want a snack but you know it needs to be something that will feel indulgent but really isn't? You know what I mean ?
Next up. The Cucumber Melon Sparkling Water - Being that I am not a fan of neither melons or cucumbers I was less than excited to give this a try. But with hesitations aside I sucked it up and it was love at first sip. As for the taste of this water, at first you get a mouth filling yet light cucumber flavor. Then as you swallow a hint of the melon catches in the after taste. I also love how it comes packaged in glass bottles being that are simple and add a classic sort of feel to the beverage. Plus they are a wonderful recyclable source. This pop is amazing! Super refreshing, caffeine free and thirst quenching. The perfect drink to sip on while sitting pool side during the summer months. (maybe with a little vodka or Malibu in it too?!) Definitely a must try product from this line by Kroger. - The only down fall about this sparkling water is how much sugar is in it, this one bottle of cucumber melon has 24g of cane sugar in it ! dang I know !
Now with the coupon for the free Simple Truth almond milk I picked up their Chocolate Almond Milk.  One word, AMAZING. The morning after I went shopping I poured this for the kids (remember they are 2 and 4 yrs old and super-uber picky eaters) and I told them it was a new special chocolate milk. Well it is a few days later and that carton is long gone !! I did after the fact explain it to my 4 year old that the milk was actually from almonds and he was surprised to say the least. But even after this revelation continued asking for it. They don't have chocolate milk to often and actually normally prefer their milk plain <- I told you they are weird OK :-) I mean what kid prefers plain milk ? mine do. So for him to ask for this again even after knowing it was almond milk and good for his bones and brains I was super ecstatic  Hey when you find something that is just as good if not better for your kids you buy it again, and again ! That's exactly what I plan to do. Reading more about Simple Truth I see that they also offer Regular Almond Milk, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Chocolate Almond Milk (which is the one we tried) as well as Vanilla Almond Milk. I will be picking up one if not two of these next time I am at a Kroger A.K.A. Fry's Supermarket for sure !! Oh I almost forgot, I've put it in my coffee a few times too, pretty good guys (!) you have to check this out.

With the coupon for a free bag of Simple Truth veggie chips I picked up the Natural Veggie Sticks. The sticks texture is that of a cheese puff but without the cheese. I have to say this is the one item that my family and I probably won't be repurchasing. With a very bland flavor (or lack of it) they taste sort of like a tortilla chip but their porous structure doesn't really allow for dipping. Perfect for those that like rice cakes maybe? Though they don't have the rice taste they are just in that category for me. That category being light, basically tasteless and a true guilty-free snack.

Now on the other hand I purchased on my own their White Corn Tortilla Chips and they are fantastic. I am normally an exclusive fan of Santitas tortilla chip but then I had these and made the switch. They are  all pretty much perfect triangles and have a sturdier thicker slice to them. They are just slightly salted and perfect for dipping or baked nachos. I have actually been buying these for a good month or two before receiving this campaign.

Now last (for now) but not least, with the free bag of Simple Truth frozen fruit I chose their bag of frozen strawberries. In my store they only had 3 options to choose from; the strawberries, blueberries and raspberries  However, on their product site ( I see that they also have Berry Medley and Mangos as well. We have yet to try these but I also picked up some bananas and plan to make the kids a strawberry banana smoothie this week.

I hope you find this review to be helpful and informative. If you have an question feel free to ask. I am curious have you tried anything from this brand yet ? I saw they have their own line of pasta, pasta sauces, eggs, cereal, teas, coffees, peanut butter, salsa & literally just about anything and everything you can think of.  

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  1. I have been reading labels & eating healthier since March (2013) & I like the idea of the Simple Truth products not using 101 artificial preservatives and ingredients. I like the items that you featured & will look for them the next time I go to Kroger.