Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Decisions Decisions

So I am hoping to confide in all of you lovely lady's for some advice on ..... my hair . Lately I have found myself throwing it into a bun rather than styling it. However, I have only  ever cut my hair once before!! Yes, I get trims but really have only ever cut it once. I don't remember loving it or hating it so that doesn't help to much. Since I have had such long hair basically my whole life I am one of those people that cringes at even getting a trim haha !! But I think it might be time for a change. I've been contemplating it for a few months now and with the Arizona summer heat quickly approaching getting a hair makeover is sounding more and more feasible. So to help you to help me decide I am going to share with you the history of my do's LOL
 Currently I am rocking a super long and natural look, I haven't color treated my hair ( not even semi perm color) since early 2010!! So the ombre effect I have kickin' is my grow out - which is awesome that it's in 'style' right now!
These are a few shots from when I cut my hair short for the first time. This was I believe right when Anthony turned 1.
left 2006 , right 2007
I have had my hair light, super dark and also a dark auburn which I wish I could find pics of it when it was auburn- I even had a side swept bang then- deff need to hunt those pics down :-) .

So what do you think guys ?? I need your help !!

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