Friday, February 8, 2013

Check out what's new at mark.

I haven't shopped Mark by Avon since I lived in NY, so I forgot how adorable their products are !

You can build your own eye shadow palettes !! How cool !
 mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow

And this necklace is gorg !!!

AND they still sell one of my all time fav hair products. I started using this in high school, it really works ! I have tried the other products in this line too (there is a spray and a serum) but this one is my fav. I actually think I still have some, a little goes a long way.  Plus it smells amazing. 


mark Salon Straight No-Iron Smoothing Fluid With Invigorating Orange Use after blow drying straight. This light fluid shines, smooths and straightens hair. Helps seal in the straight without using a flatiron. This product has been rewarded the Sparkle Award, see this post here for more info.

Oh man my makeup/beauty wish list just grew tenfold !

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