Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bed Head TIGI Curlipops Reverse Curling Wand - Review & Tutorial

Here is my review / tutorial of the reverse wand by Bed Head. It was easy to use, heat up quickly and didn't snag on my hair like the bubble - Rock N Roller wand you can see that review HERE.

Some things I observed about the reverse wand was that it is shorter than my regular curling wand (also by Bed Head). It also doesn't have a little stand on base of it or a temperature gauge just a regular on/off switch.

I do love how the curls turn out with this wand. I do see a difference between using the reverse wand and the straight one. The curls with the reverse wand start off tighter and open up at the bottom which ends up giving you a softer look.

I ordered this one off Target online using my ebates account to earn a % of money back on my purchase. I also used my red card aka debit card not credit card and received 5% off and free shipping !!
Sorry for the crappy cell pic I think I deleted all the other pics :-/
Bonus Tip : To help preserve the curls at the crown of my head while I finish the rest of my hair I pin the curls by recoiling them back up after releasing them from the wand and letting them cool on the top of my head before taking the clips out. This technique is not shown in this video, I will have to do another one for you guys :-)

Let me know what you think about this look :-)


  1. I love the curls. I need one of these. I have long hair too.

  2. Your hair looks lush!

  3. I love, Love, LOVE curls!!! Thanks for sharing.